I decided to break apart the old New Stuff page into several segments. The old page is now made up of several sections. You can click on any of the areas listed below for more info. As always, I will continue to add all sorts of unique, exotic, interesting and unusual materials from all over the world to this web site. You can always expect to find loads of stuff here and only here at Eflytyer.com., the world's most unique fly tying catalog.

To move around in this area: Click Below on each of the Tiles:

This section contains new feathers and such. If it swims, quacks or has feathers look here.


This section contains furs and such. You can also look for dubbings and other fuzzy things too.


This page contains mostly synthetic stuff, threads, tinsels and things like that.


This section contains new tackle, fly lines, fly boxes ,vest tools and loads of stuff like this.


Look on this page to see new tools. I sometimes add stuff to organize your desk here too.


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