Hareline Dubbin Presents:

Watershed is one of the most exciting new products ever produced. Nothing compares to this product!

To use Watershed, simply add a drop to your flies, materials, lines, leaders, tippets ( or whatever). Allow to dry 24 hours. Watershed is a pre-treatment and must be applied to dry materials or Watershed will not cure and waterproof properly.

Price per bottle: $4.75


Mike's Notes:......

To prove Watershed's effectiveness, I pre-treated paper towels and attempted to sink each towel. After 10 days, the paper towel was still floating. This is some really great stuff!

As a rule I hate fly treatments. Most of them are sticky, smell or make oil slicks like the Exxon Valdez. I have found Watershed to be a wonderful new product useful to any fly fisher. I am going to pre-treat all of my dries with this material from now on..........If you like, e-mail me your name and address and I will send you a pre-treated paper towel for you to try. I think you'll find this to be the msot effective product you've ever found...........


Email: Mike@eflytyer.com

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