Badger Creek's Soft Hackle Materials and Supplies

At Badger Creek Fly Tying we offer one of the World's best selection of soft hackle materials. We have tools, materials, books and DVDs.

If you are looking for wet fly materials, supplies and materials, look no further. We are THE Leading Authority on these materials and supplies


Clark's Dubbing Block: In Pete Hidy's 1971 classic, " Tying and Fishing Flymphs", Pete's friend Dick Clark created a block to add in the construction of making silk dubbing ropes. This block was later shown in Allen McGee's book," Tying and Fishing Soft Hackle Nymphs." For the first time I am able to offer Clark's Dubbing Blocks. These are made of hardwood with a colored scale with nicks made in the block to hold thread. The dots are scales used to mark the amount of material. The bottom has a non-skid material.

Price: $12.00







Badger Creek's Pearsall's Silk Thread and Silk Floss Bobbins (AKA UK Bobbins or Sewing Machine Bobbins ): I looked all over the place and finally I took parts of 4 bobbins and had these made. These have a bullet head made of solid brass. The feet are recessed brass to hold spools tight and the legs are shortened to enable the bobbin to hold the narrow sewing machine or UK spools. The floss bobbin has a wide tube with a rear ceramic bead, while the thread bobbin has a flared narrow tube with a rear ceramic bead. The tubes, beads and flaring will keep silk from fraying. These are very well made and will stand the test of time. These bobbins are exclusive to us and you won't find them any other place. Here's the best part: The Price!

Pearsall's Silk Thread Bobbin: $7.50

Pearsall's Silk Floss Bobbin: $7.50

Get both for $13.50


Get the Clark's Dubbing Block , 2 Bobbins and a Dubbing Spinner for $25.00


Badger Creek's Dubbing Loop Spinner: This is machined solid brass with 2 small wires. As you spin the tool, the thread winds together creating dubbing loops. Well balanced so it spins easily. Useful for making CDC dubbing collars, CDC hackles or to make dubbing ropes and bodies. One of our best sellers. Price: $5.00











Frank Matarelli's Midge Bobbin: Frank Matarelli has always made the world's finest bobbins. These have recessed brass feet, a polished metal tube, short legs and a plastic non slip finger pad. These have a life time warranty and are stamped with the trademark, "FM" on one foot. Only a genuine Matarelli bobbin is stamped with "FM" on the foot.

Price: $25.50










Wasatch Wire Frame Pearsall's Silk Bobbins: Wasatch's bobbins are American Made with a life time warranty. These bobbins have a wood insert and a ceramic tip with a rear ceramic bead. These have brass feet and will hold sewing machine spools tight. Ideal for Pearsall's silk thread. Very well made and perfect for using to make soft hackle flies.

Micro Ceramic Bobbin: $18.00






Fly Wallets:

The original soft hackle, spider and wet fly fisherman used wallets to store flies. These allowed the flies to lie flat.

Traditional boxes are fine, but these are the real deal. Often seen in old books these are fantastic for holding wet flies, soft hackles and spiders.


Hardy Fly Wallets: Many traditional flies are often best stored in a fly wallet. Wet flies, spiders and soft hackles store well in these wallets. These are handsome, sheepskin lined with leather ( or Hardy Canvas and leather) covers. Durable zippers with nice features. These are very well made with Hardy's famous attention to details.

Leather Fly Wallet: $59

Canvas and Leather Wallet: $65.00



Wow! These are Nice!

Handmade Authentic Maine Fly Wallets: These are handmade in Maine by a fine old-world leathercraftsman, using original designs. The have 4 felt pages inside and are perfect for holding soft hackle flies.

Each Measures about 4 " by 8" Closed and has a solid snap.

2 Styles: Hand whipped edge with polished leather or Plain leather. Some have also have a folded fleece inside. One of a kind and unique!

Price: Hand Whipped: $30.00




Plain: $19.00










Fly Tying Materials:

We offer some of the beast fly tying materials on the material. We are always on the look out for interesting, unsual and really nice materials at a great price! If you are looking for the best, we have it!

California Quails ( AKA Waterhen Substitute ): I have looked, shopped, begged and barrowed to come with a great substitute for waterhen. Many traditional UK materials are difficult to locate. Add weather, import restrictions and there is a reason, these materials are hard to locate. These are very close substitutes for the traditional waterhen, used in the famous waterhen bloa pattern. These are a smallish bird, a bit smaller than a hun partridge.

Price: Grade 1: $15.00

Grade 2: $12.50











Whiting's Coq De Leon Hen Cape: These are one of the best substitutes I have ever found for snipe.Snipe is another UK material that is very hard to get due to weather and import restrictions. Often you can't find any of these for many years. These are speckled gray and brown feathers. The centers are webby and the edges have a soft spike to them. These are a great items to use and you will love working with them. Genetically raised capes also have full range of sizes allowing you to tie from 8 -22 without any trouble.

Colors: Gray Speckled or Brown Speckled.

Price: $22.00










Bleached Starlings: Dotterel is threatened and it is a very rare material to locate. I have actually only seen this material a few times, in antique material collections. I spent some time with Lance Hidy this summer and looked through James Leisenring's original set of materials he used to tie spiders with. This is a very close substitute. These are domestic and are very plentiful and offer you the chance to tie some classic patterns. Now you don't have to drive yourself crazy trying to locate an exotic material that is difficult to find.

Price: $9.50














Dyed Starlings: These again are the perfect substitutes. These are dyed starlings that can be used for lots of traditional patterns. These are full pelts that are dyed, they have tails, wings, heads and bodies. The feathers are metallic with a cream tip. The yellow is a perfect substitute for golden plover which is impossible to locate and quite expensive. Burnt orange is a great substitute for woodock and red grouse while the brown and olive can be used for caddis patterns.Yvon Chouinard of Patagonia, is fond of using a blue colored soft hackled fly. Try the blue and purple for something really cool.

Colors:Yellow, Brown, Burnt Orange, Olive: $9.50

Not Shown: Blue grade 2 and Purple grade 2 ( both have no wings): $7.50









Dun Starling (Ltd Supply ) : These are young, immature starlings that are dun colored. Contains no peacock colors or spots. Has many small feathers on them. Useful for making small soft hackles. Complete pelt: head, tail, wings, body. Mentioned in some old pattern books. Very limited supply, when gone I won't be able to get these again.

Price: $7.50




Select Starlings: These are beautiful pelts that are dried flat. The bodies contain loads of small metallic green/black/purple feathers. Many have small white spots. These are great when mixed with purple floss. Use them for many interesting patterns. Complete head, tail, wings and body.

Price: $7.50







Dyed Speckled Hen Backs: Speckled hen backs are one of my all time favorite materials. These come in lots of interesting, unsual colors and have markings to them. The natural browns are great for nymphs, as a grouse substitute and some are a close to cree or furnace. Lots of unsual colors.

Colors: Natural brown, Natural speckled ( light or dark) Or Speckled Dyed Yellow, Black, Burnt Orange, Amber and Prince Nymph Brown.

Not Shown: White Dyed ( No Speckles): Olive, Hot Pink, Hot Orange and Chartreuse. Use them on bead heads, Czech patterns and also steelhead soft hackles.

Price: $5.00 each or 2 for $9.50, specify colors.








English Grouse Hackle: English Grouse is a red brown with orange. It is one of my favorite materials to use. I use these on bead head nymphs, spider patterns and nymphs. These come with mixed sizes and have nice markings.


Price: $2.50

Wings : I have a few wings left. Price: $6.50





Ruffed Grouse Heads: One of the best parts of any bird is the cape. These are Maine ruffed grouse capes. These have marbled brown, black, tan and cream feathers. These will tie small flies and these have many interesting colors.

Price: $4.50

Not Shown: Dyed Ruffed Grouse Heads: I had these dyed up. These are loaded with small feathers. Ideal for making small soft hackles. Dyed cool colors. Really nice stuff. Colors are outstanding! Colors: Burnt Orange, Yellow, Olive, Chartreuse.

Price: $6.00




Select Maine Ruffed Grouse: These are very nice full size pelts from Maine. Includes the head, wings, tails and bodies. The backs have eyes on them and can be used for some salmon flies. Tails are useful for making caddies and the head contains some natural black. These are very good quality pelts, some of the best I've had. Size is about 10-12" long.

Price: $15.00

Wings: $4.50

Tails: Natural $4.50 and Red Phase Tail: $10.00


Not Shown: Dyed Ruffed Grouse: These are cool. Ruffed Grouse skins dyed. These are full of lots of cool colors. Ideal for soft hackles. Colors Include: Burnt Orange, Chartreuse ( Flo Caddis Green ) , Yellow ( Plover substitute), Olive. Has body, head, wings and tail. Due to the dying process these are #1 quality, skins may have loose tails. The skins are quite thin and very hard to dye.

Price: $20.00


Hen Pheasant: I often use hen pheasant quills for making micro muddlers. The quills are dandy for making wet flies and are nice for March Brown wets. The tail sections are often used on some wet fly patterns as well. The backs can be used on scuplins and spuddlers . Lots of interesting colors, a mix of tan, brown and cream.

Full Pelt: $18.00

Wings: $6.00

Center Tails: $3.00

Tail Clump: $4.50







Whiting Honey Dun Cape: I have lots of hen capes.I put this up to show folks what a real honey dun cape is. In many old patterns listed in Leisenring, there were honey duns listed. I have a large selection of Whiting and domestic Hen capes. These can be used for soft hackles, spiders, nymphs and wings.

Whiting Hen Cape Colors: Honey Dun, Medium Dun, Grizzly, Rusty Dun, White, Tan Dun, Black, Brown, Furnace or Brown. $22.00

Whiting Hebert Hen Capes: These have arrow tipped feathers that are a bit longer, there are more larger feathers. Many interesting duns. Rusty Duen, Med Dun, Furnace, Black, Brown, Honey Dun. Email for colors. Price: $22.00

Domestic Hen Capes: I have some other domestic grades in brown, white, silver dun ( for wings) $15.00

Indian Hen Capes: These are usually small capes and tie size 8-14, a few 16s. These pretty inexpensive and I do have variants once in awhile. Colors: Black, Brown, Med Ginger, Barred Ginger. Price: $4.00, 2 for $7.50










Hungarian Partridges: Huns are one of the soft hackle staples. These are domestic and quite good. Full of maked feathers, usually the male is more gray and cream while females are brown and gray with some cream. Great price! Includes body, cape, wings and tails. $20 each or 2 for $36

Loose Partridge: For the tyer that wants some various colors or perhaps a travel pack, loose partidge is available. These are natural and dyed feathers. All have markings on them, a mix of gray, tan and brown.

Colors: Natural, Black, Olive and Brown

Price: $2.50

Not Shown: Dyed Partridge Skins: These are wonderful. I had these dyed some great colors. Full pelts with head, wings, tail and body. Ideal for soft hackle patterns. Colors: Olive, Golden Olive, Brown and Burnt Orange. Price: $22, Elsewhere: $30 or more






Loose Asian Partridge (AKA Female Black Francilican Partridge): These are a mix of tan/brown and cream. This is an ideal match for many antique patterns that call for tawny owl. Owl is not something that is legal to use, but this is very close. I only have loose partridge left. This is nearly identical to tawny owl listed in several old books.

Price: $3.50







Bob White Quails (Ltd Supply): These are nice American Bob White Quails that are useful for making soft hackles. The bodies are a mix of brown, dark brown and cream. The stems on these tend to be quite thick. To use, flatten the stem with a fingernail or a spoon, stroke fibers down and tie in by the tip. This will make using them easier.


Price: $15.00








Sharptail Grouse : These have some larger feathers on them with a mix of white, gold, brown. The backs make ideal wingcases for stoneflies. Larger hackles can be used on soft hackle steelhead nymphs. These are Grade 2 pelts. Some pelts have little or no head, some pelts missing wings. Price: $10.00

Wings Only: $6.00






American Chukar Flank: These are very similar to red leg partridge/French Partridge. Often used on Irish Mayfly patterns, use these to make some really cool thorax dun mayfly patterns, makes excellent spinners or use for cheeks on streamer. Packet of loose flanks: $3.50



Hooks, Wax, Pearsall's Silk Thread and Floss, Mole Skins, Wire


Daiichi 1530 ( AKA Kamasan B175 Hooks): Many UK tyers use the B175 on wet fly patterns. This is standard wet fly with extra heavy wire. You can use these on wet flies, soft hackles, spiders and nymphs. Extra sharp, thick wire. Usually in the UK, these are not fished with beads or lead wire. Size 6-18

Price: $5.50

Daiichi 1550: 1XL, DE hook, this is the standard wire hook, with heavy wire. These are for a lighter wet fly or spider. The larger hooks can be used on American Bergman Wet Flies:

Size: 6-18, Price: $5.50



Alec Jackson's North Country Spide Hook: These are made by Daiichi for Alec Jackson and based on his design of a traditional spider hook. This has a limerick bend, straight eye and is a stout hook. The hook is extra bright, allowing silk to show through when wet.

Sizes: 11,13,15,17

Price: $6.50/25





Not Shown:

Mustad 3906: Standard length, sproat bend, down eye. These are standard wet fly hooks. These are often used on spider patterns, wet flies, bead heads. Extra thick wire. Sizes 10-16 Price: $4.00/25 and $7.50/50

Mustad 3906B: 1XL , DE, heavy wire. These are usually used on bead head patterns, although these can be used on soft hackles and spiders also. Sizes 10-16 Price: $4.00/25 and $7.50/50

Mustad 3399: 1Xl, these have a down eye and a sharper limerick bend. These are favored by all the wet fly types, tying traditional Amerian winged wet flies. Sizes: 6-16 Price: $4.00/25 and $7.50/50



Ultra Wire: Colored wire you can use for ribs or as bodies. Use for brassies or on caddis emergers and soft hackles. Colors: Black, Brown, Copper, Copper Brown, Claret, Amber, Olive, Red, Green, Pale Pink, Tan fine size. $1.75

Hot Colors: Chartruese, Blue, Hot Orange, Hot Yellow, Hot Pink: Price: $2.50

Danville Wire: I have fine Danville Gold and Silver Wire, Medium Copper and Black wire.: Price: $1.75

Copper John/Brassie size available also. Same colors



Pearsall's Gossamer Silk Thread: Roughly equal to Size "A" thread, this single strand floss is used for wet flies, soft hackles, salmon flies, wet flies or steelhead patterns. Choose from: Brown, Hot Orange, White, Green, Purple, Claret, Scarlet, Yellow, Primrose, Olive or Black. $5.00 each








Pearsall's Marabou Silk Floss: Marabou floss is a twisted 3 strand floss which is most commonly used for bodies rather than as thread. Choose from: Light Olive, Green, White, Scarlet, Primrose, Black,, Purple, Yellow, Claret, Brown.and Orange. $5.00 each





RC Rumpf Wax: We've sold dubbing wax for years and this is one of our favorites. Use for soft hackles, attaching fur and dubbing. Works with dubbing blocks. Comes in tub with snap lid. Price:$3.00










Natural Mole Skins: Mole fur is very fine. It has almost no guard hair and it is often used on soft hackle patterns. These are usually dried. The most common application is using them as fur lining in the shoulders of trench coats.....oh yeah, that's why this is so soft. Natural mole is an iron dun color.

Price: $5.50









Dyed Mole Skin: These are skins dyed . The skins are usually quite dark.. The fur is fine and to use you use a razor and shear the fur close to the hide. Colors: Olive, Dark Brown, Black, Claret, Green, Blue, Fiery Brown and I have a few Bleached Tan left. Price: $5.50








Books and DVDs

I have a really nice collection of Books and DVDs for soft hackles. These books have lots of material for you to study, as well as techniques, methods and ways to fish.

Wet-Fly Tying and Fishing by Roger Fogg Earlier books by Fogg are quite collectable and very hard to find. This is an update book that has color photos.There is a background on the flies, tackle, methods to fish the flies in rivers and stillwater ( lakes) . The back has a pattern guide, list of patterns, methods to tie flies and has some newer patterns. This is a book about UK fishing methods, flies and tackle. Really well done. Price: $55.00









A Guide to North Country Flies and How to Tie Them By Mike Harding: This is an all color book that is very well done. Has a section on background, tools, materials, methods. The pattern section contains a picture of the pattern, a list of materials and a description of the origins of the pattern. This is a reference guide no soft hackle/spider tyer should be without. Price: $27.00








Wet Flies by Dave Hughes: This is an older book, hardback with black and white photos. Center has some color plates of flies. The writing is excellent, Dave Hughes does a good job of reviewing history. Contains sections on how to use a dubbing block, making soft hackles, flymphs and more. Price: $36.00









Tying and Fishing Soft Hackled Nymphs by Allan McGee: This is a paperback book that also contains instructions on how to use a Clark's Dubbing Block. This has reviews of materials, patterns and fishing methods for fishing soft hackled flies, spiders, flymphs and some bead head patterns. Price: $25.00









The Soft-Hackled Fly and Tiny Soft Hackles by Slyvester Nemes. This is the second edition of Syl's first book. It contains some history of each pattern. Contains tying instructions, patterns and some colored plates of flies. This is one of the best books written and it is a classic. Price: $40.00









Sylvester Nemes : Soft Hackles DVD: This is a DVD that was made before Syl died. He shows several patterns, how to tie them and tells some stories of where he fished, learned about the patterns and his experiences. The patterns are traditional flies and this shows all his techniques for making the patterns. Price: $30.00









Wet Fly Tying with Davy Wotton ) DVD): Davy ties 6 patterns. He outlines materials, methods and his techniques can help learn how to master several patterns. The patterns include: Partridge and Orange, Black and Silver Spider, Cochy Bondu Beetle, DW Prism Soft Hackle, Woodcock Hare's Ear and Whickham's Fancy. 2 DVDs, 3 hours. Price: $30.00











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