Daiichi Hooks

Daiichi is based in New York and is a long time favorite with some of the US's finest fly tyers. Daiichi hooks are considered by many to be the best made hooks on the market of the highest qualilty. All of Daiichi hooks are made of high carbon steel and have chemically sharpened points to create one of the sharpest hooks ever offered for sale. With Daiichi you get no more rusty or dull points and no more irregular eyes!

For my overseas friends and customers, Daiichi is the US equivalent to Kamasan. For many overseas tyers, you are now able to buy many of those popular UK hooks here in the States with the cheaper exchange rate. ( if you are in the UK our money is at about a 40% discount rate!!!)

Daiichi Fly hooks are the finest in the world. Here's why:

- These Hooks are made of the finest high carbon steel, which is hardened and tempered to an exacting formula that makes for a long point life and a very strong hook.

- Daiichi hooks use a 12-degree constant taper ground needle point. This eliminates irregularities in shape, assuring no weak spots, & gives amazing speed of penetration.

- Daiichi Hooks are chemically sharpened hooks in a special bath that deburs their points.

- Daiichi hooks come in multiple finishes that are all evenly and smoothly applied.

- Each hook is precision tooled "true" to the exact design of the eye, bend, gape & barb.

- Our barbs are an advanced "low profile" design that results in minimal weakness and less broken hooks and lost fish.

- Daiichi offers a very wide variety of hook patterns for almost every fly tyers needs.

Dry Fly Hooks:

1100 Dry Fly Model perfect, down eye/ over sized BIG eye hook.

Equivalents: Kamasan: B405 , Mustad 94840, TMC: 101

Sizes: 16, 18, Price: $5.00/25, sizes 18-22: $5.25


1110 Dry Fly , Big Ring Eye Hooks,

Equivalents: Kamasan: None , Mustad None, TMC: 101

Sizes: 12-18: $5.00, Sizes: 20-26: $5.25


1180 Standard dry fly hook, down eyes, standard length, mini barb,

Equivalents: Kamasan: B401, Mustad 98480, TMC: 5210

Sizes 10-18 $5.00/25, 20-24: $5.25


1480 Limerick Bend hook, ideal for parachutes, ring eye, 1x fine wire, 2x short shank. I often up the size by one to get a wide gape midge hook. Try it!

Equivalents: Kamasan: B410 , Mustad None, TMC: 101

Sizes 14-22 Price: $5.25/25

Scud and Special Bend Hooks:


1120 Scud hook, down eye, 2x heavy wire, 1x short shank.

Equivalents: Kamasan: B110 , Mustad CO68, TMC: 2457

Popular steelheading hook in bigger sizes. 6-20 $5.25 /25


1130 Scud hook hook, 1x fine wire, 1x short, down eye, light wire.

Equivalents: Kamasan: 100 , Mustad C49S, TMC: 2487

Sizes 10-18 $5.00/25, 20-24 $5.25


1270 York Bend, straight eye, 3x long shank ( stimulator hook)

Equivalents: Kamasan: B220 , Mustad None, TMC: 200R

6-16 $5.25/25

1260 Round bend, straight eye, curved shank. Ideal for bead heads.

Equivalents: Kamasan: None , Mustad None, TMC: 2312

sizes 8-16 $5.25/25

1150 Heavy wide Gape Hook, Up eye, 1x heavy wire with slight reverse.

Equivalents: Kamasan: B420 , Mustad None, TMC: 206BL

Sizes 8-16 $5.25/25

Streamer Hooks

1750 Streamer hook, 4xl, ring eye, heavy wire.

Equivalents: Kamasan: B800 , Mustad 9674, TMC: 9395

Sizes 4: $6.00 6-8, $5.25/25


2220 Streamer hooks, 4xl, down eye.

Equivalents: Kamasan: B820, Mustad 79580, TMC: None

Sizes 4-8, $5.25/25

Nymph and Wet Fly Hooks:

1530 Wet fly hook, extra heavy, Sproat bend, down eye, used in competition fishing or steelheading.

Equivalents: Kamasan: B175 , Mustad 3399 or R70, TMC: 3769

Sizes 6-14 $5.00/25


1550 Wet fly, down eye, standard wire, Great for soft hackles and bead flies!

Equivalents: Kamasan: B170 , Mustad 3906, TMC: 3769

Sizes 10-16 $5.00/25


1710 Standard nymph hook, down eye, heavy wire, 2xl

Equivalents: Kamasan: B820, Mustad R72 or 9671, TMC: 5262

Sizes 10-16, $5.25/25


1720 woolly bugger hook, down eye, 3xl,

Equivalents: Kamasan: None , Mustad 9672, TMC: 5263

Sizes 6-10, $5.25


1730 Nymph Hook, 3 xl, down eye, heavy wire Bent shank stonefly hook.

Equivalents: Kamasan: None , Mustad None, TMC: None

Size 4 $7.00, sizes 6-8-10: $5.25/25

Egg Hooks

1640 tube fly and egg hook, 2x short shank, round bend, slight reverse.


Equivalents: Kamasan: B982 , Mustad C67S, TMC: 105

sizes 2-10 $5.00/25

X510 X-Point Egg Hook. 2x short, blackened, slight reverse,

Equivalents: Kamasan: B983 , Mustad None, TMC: None

6-10 $7.25/25

Salmon Hooks:

2051 Alex Jackson Spey hook. Curved shank, small up eye, heay wire. Popular large hook used for spey flies. Black only.

Equivalents: Kamasan: None, Mustad None, TMC 7979

3/0 $10.00/10 , 1.5 $8.00/10 3-5-7 $6.00

2421 Low Water Salmon Hook, Medium Wire, Up Eye

Equivalents: Kamasan: B150 , Mustad 90240, TMC: 7989

Sizes: 2,4,6,8 ( size 2 :12/pack, 4-8 15/pack ): $5.25


2441 Low Water Salmon Hook; Heavy wire, up eyes.

Equivalents: Kamasan: B180 , Mustad 36890, TMC:7999

Sizes: 2: $5.25 4,6,8 (10/pack): $4.75

Bass and Saltwater Hooks:

2722 Bass Stinger Hook, Stinger Bend, Wide Gape, , Straight eye.

Equivalents: Kamasan: None , Mustad C52SBLN, TMC: 8089

Sizes 2 or 1/0, Nickel Wire $4.50/15


2546 Saltwater Hook. Ring eye, Stainless Steel.

Equivalents: Kamasan: None , Mustad 34007, TMC: 811S

2/0 $6.25/12, 1/0 $6.25/15, sizes 1-8/ 20: $6.25

Other Prices and Styles available on reguest. Speical order 100 or 1000 packs are also available. Please email me for more details.

Email: Mike@eflytyer.com

For more Info Contact:

Mike Hogue / Badger Creek Fly Tying / 622 West Dryden Road, Freeville, NY 13068

Phone: 607-347-4946