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From Badger Creek Fly Tying!

Make Someone's Wishes Come True!

Get the Gifts They've Really Wanted But Will Never Buy For Themselves!

Looking for a special or perfect gift! Do you have a special person that is hard to shop for? Want to treat your Dad, Co-Worker, Spouse or Grandpa? Well, I am here to help you out. I have selected some really cool items, that are unique,hard to find. So, if you need a bit of help, I'll do what I can to help you find that really neat gift!.....Mike Hogue, owner Badger Creek Fly Tying

Buy Them Something They Always Wanted: A New Hardy Reel!

Take $100 off the Hardy Angel 2: Wow! this is a great deal! The Angel 2 Featherweight is a reel that they will love. I have a special deal and you can get a great item at a great price! These are the Angel 2 Featherweights and I have these on special for the Holiday Season. The Angel 2 has a click drag, counter balance and a unique drag knob for instant adjustment, a hard anodised finish for long life and durability. Liftetime warranty from Hardy. Only 2 sizes available.

Model......................Size...................Capacity...................Weight......... Original Price.........Price NOW

Featherweight 2/3.....2/3....................WF3+25m.................3.91oz....................$275......................$175

Featherweight 3/4.....3/4....................WF4+47m.................4.16oz....................$299......................$200


Great Price! Perfect for Trout Fishing!



Badger Creek's Fly Tying Vise:

Badger Creek Fly Tying's Rotating Vise: This vise is a full rotating vise. It comes with a pedestal base, bobbin rest and travel case. This is a really well made vise has all the features you are looking for. There is a cam lock on the jaw for easy release of hooks. The jaws have a fine tip which will allow you to tie from size 2-20 without any trouble. There is a rotating arm and a set screw to lock down the stem. The stem has a mounted material clamp attached. Each vise comes with a 5 piece set pf brass tools.

Price: $110

Includes 5 piece brass tool set: Bobbin, scissors, bodkin, threader, whip finisher.







Wow! These are Nice!

Handmade Authentic Maine Streamer Wallets: These are handmade in Maine by a fine old-world leathercraftsman, using original designs. The have 4 felt pages inside and are perfect for storing tandem, New England Streamers, Salmon Flies or Long Trout Flies.

Each Measures about 4 " by 8" Closed and has a solid snap.

2 Styles: Hand whipped edge with polished leather or Plain leather. Some have also have a folded fleece inside. One of a kind! They don't have one of these!

Price: Hand Whipped: $30.00


Plain: $19.00









Desk Accessories:

These make great gifts for any fly tyer! They can store, organize and help keep track of my items your fly tyer uses!

Wapsi: Thin hook boxes. These have a magnetic white background with 12 compartments. Box can store hooks, eyes, beads.

Size: 7 3/8" x 3 7/8" x 1/2" thick

Styles: 12 or 18 Compartment

Price: $13.00


Fly Furniture is made in the Ozarks. Products are made using high quality materials and use brass, oak. Each is well made and will last a lifetime.

Fly Furniture Base: This is a fly tying base made of oak. There are dubbing dispensers on the side, tinsel /wire holder and a hook bowl on the front. Fits any 3/8" stem vise. Also has a tool holder on the side. Will work with any 3/8" American style stem vise.

Price: $50.00




Tyer's Presentation Set: This is a set of 4 clips mounted to steel cable and oak dowels. The dowels slip into the base which is solid oak. About 6 by 5", Ideal for shows, demos and classes. Also can dry flies with these. Price: $20.00





Rib Runner: This stand holds wire, tinsel and ribbing materials. The wire and tinsel lock into a soft piece of plastic and the there is a brass rail that keeps wire organized. Keeps wire or tinsel from unraveling and making a mess. About 8 by 12"

Price: $28.50





Spool Riser: 3 level set of spool holders, hold tinsel, wire, thread and also small UK Pearsall's spools. Made of solid oak with tapered dowels. Holds 24 standard spools or 48 UK/sewing machine spools. About 8 by 12"

Price: $20.00


Thread Safe: This is nice. Made of solid oak, this holds 72 spools of wire, tinsel or thread. The top has clear plastic with a slot cut out. Spin the tool and turn to the level with the items you wish to select. Really well made and keeps threads, wires and tinsel dust free.

Price: $50.00




Tool Stadium: This is a solid oak tool stand. Holds 45 assorted tools, glues, wax and also stackers. Use this to organize bobbins, whip finishers, bodkins and more. Back is elevated so that tools are not flat on the table. Price: $30.00







Fly Cake: Perfect for drying flies or displaying flies. Can be used at shows, demos or classes for people to handle and view flies without hooking themselves. Candles are push button style hackle pliers, to use, push button and grasp fly by the bend.

Price: $30.00






Mega Mat: Sorry for the small photo. This is desk size, silcone mat. It is about 15 by 18". Rolls up and can be stored. About size of a really big place mat. Keeps beads, hooks and eyes from rolling off the table.Also keeps glue from getting stuck to the table. This is a new item for 2013/14 and something they very likely don't have.

Price: $30.00


I now offer Fishpond Fly Tying Travel Cases. These are ideal for classes, shows, demos and storage of materials. Makes a great gift for your fly tyer.

Fishpond Flat Iron Tool Wallet: This is a great item for the fly tyer. It is a three fold wallet that clips. Unclip the wallet and inside are three pockets. This will hold tools, bobbins and scissors. Roll up and click and it stores all your tools. Cordura with nylon insides. Measures about 4" by 8" folded and about 8" by 12" unfolded. Price: $24.00








Fishpond Road Tripper Fly Tying Travel Case: This case is the smaller cousin to the larger Tomahawk Fly Tying Case. It measures 12" x 9.5" x 4". The inside has a padded vise pouch with sewn pockets to hold bobbins, tools and scissors. Inside are 2 small storage pockets, one 4.5" x 9"x 1" molded plastic organizer box for hooks and beads/eyes, nine 4" by 6" clear poly bags with velcro, Nine 3.5" x 4.5" clear poly bags with velcro ( both these mount to a board), 2 clear thread tubes and 4 large mesh see through pockets.

Price: $90.00

( Note : I offer the light olive color /not sand shown, the olive is the same color as the larger bag. )









Fishpond Tomahawk Fly Tying Travel Bag: This is a nice bag. It is large enough to hold the majority of materials you would need for classes, demos, shows and travel. The bag mearsures 18" x 14.5" x 6". The inside is has a large padded pouch to hold a pedestal vise, the outside of the pouch has sewn pockets for bobbins, tools and scissors. The inside has large 10" by 16" mesh pockets that have velcro and can pull out, these hold capes, saddles and bucktails. There are 8 large see through messh pocket, 4 10" clear thread and floss tubes, 2 4.5" by 9" by 1" molded clear plastic boxes for beads/eyes/hooks, Nine 4"x 6", Six 5"x 7", and Nine 3" x 4.5" re-sealable clear poly bags with Velcro® binding attachment.


Price: $180








Fishpond Eagle's Nest Travel Pouch: The Eagles Nest Travel Pouch provides an efficient way to organize and store fly tying materials, capes, dubbings, bucktails and more. These are colorful mesh laminated pouches that are durable and well made. The tops have solid zippers. These can also be used for cables and to store items for cameras, computes, ipods and iphones. These have pleated bottoms so they can stand upright and come with carry clips to lock into luggage or clip together.

Small 6" x 7.75" , Rust, Price: $11.00

Medium 8" x 9.75", Green, Price: $14.00

Large 10" x 13.5", Blue, Price: $16.00



These make great gifts and are ideal for a fishing friend. Some of these are just plain cool.

Loksak Zip Bags: These are bags for cell phones, chip keys, wallets, ipods, ipads, small cameras. Loksaks are 100% resistant to sand and water. These are ideal for keeping your phone dry. These can also be used to protect valuables on the river. Highly rated by Macworld magazine, several back packing magazines and are rated waterproof to 60 feet by Scuba Schools International. These come as a pack of three.

Sizes: 3.5" by 4" ( iPhone size); $6.50

4" by 4 1/2" ( larger phone/small camera, small tablet ) : $7.00

6" by 8" ( iPad2/3 size) : $7.50





EGear Micro LED Light: These are cool. About the size of a fat camera battery, this is a micro LED light. Clip them on lanyards, vests or attach to a key ring. These are very handy. Anodized aluminum case , comes with clip. Very small. Colors; Blue, Silver, Green. Price $10.00





Hareline Bead and Hook Mat: This is one of my best sellers at shows. This is a silcone rubber mat. The surface has small indentations in it allowing you to keep beads, hooks and eyes from rollling around. Very cool item. Keeps hooks from getting in the rug. Flip back over and use to mix epoxy or glues. When dry, peal off. Some use mat in cars/SUV or trucks to keep sunglasses from dancing around. Price: $5.50






Alert Manufacturing Fly Tyer's Maginifer LED Light: This is a great light. This come with a goose neck head that turns and moves around so that you can see your work. Has magnifer lens for close up work. The lamp is aluminum with LED lights. This light can be mounted in 3 different methods. There is a pedestal base, vise option ( you remove the block that holds the light from the ped base ) and mount to your vise OR you can mount to the table top with it's own C-clamp. Great design.

Price: $115


Alert Manufacturing Dual LED Light: This is the same design as the light on the right. The stand, base and clips are identical. This model has 2 LED lights for extra light. This is perfect for those that like to make DVD's of fly tying or use for taking photos. Great design. They will love this!

Price: $140

Shipping for either light is $13.00








Renzetti Desktop Organizer/Tool Block: These are made of a soft plastic. These hold tools, glue bottles, stackers, bobbins and scsissors. Use to organize your desk and work space. Holds alot of stuff. One of the best sellers I have.

Price: $23.50







Artwork: Looking for some nice prints or framed flies?

Well these are just the thing to dress up an office, den or tying room. All are affordable and make a nice gift.

Framed Flies, Domed Flies and Collector Flies:

Very unique Gifts. I don't make these very often. Totally one of a kind, original fly tying artwork. Handmade and designed by me, Mike Hogue

Domed Flies for sale. These are hand made with a wooden base, glass dome and river rocks inside. I have 2 styles: Mike 's Spuddler and the Reverand Bob's Crawdad. Attached to cork you can remove it and go fishing. $35 each or 2 for $65. Totally unique, I made only a few and since it was a pain in the as#$%^s to make them I suspect these will be the last.

Shadow Boxes: I have several made up. These are golden oak or olive stained barn wood shadow box frames with three original flies. Inside the box is a totally legal scan and cut out of fish designed by Maynard Reese. As some might know Maynard is a duck stamp artist from MN and now hails in Des Moines, IA . In the 60's Maynard did a book called the Better Homes and Garden's, " Fish and Fishing". The prints are used by the Iowa DNR. I have cutouts of brown trout, rainbows and landlocked salmon. Signed card ( mine) attached to back. Very nice. $50 each or get the entire set of 3 for $150. Totally unique, I suspect I won't do these again either since they are a pain in the buttocks to make. These are very striking, original and hand done. If you not delighted you may return them for a refund. Email me for more info. I will email photos on request.

The Angler's Guide to Sullivan County: This is a very unique and unusual item! This is a reprint of a map of the Catskill Region from 1935. The original artist was Clayton Seagears. For many years (before WWII) Clayton was the illustrator for the New York Conservationist Magazine. This is a colorful 3 color print of the fishing region prior to the new Rt. 17 and also before the dams were installed for the Delaware/ NYC water system. Clayton marks holes, has written comments and many unusual illustrations on the map. Printed on acid free paper. Ideal for an office or den and what a great price! Shipped rolled and in a tube. $25.00.


To See a Larger Image of the Print, Click Here.






New for 2013

Dave Whitlock Coffee Mugs: Really Cool Mugs: These are awesome. Dave Whitlock designs. 15 ounce mugs that are ideal for hot beverages, coffee, tea..... White mug with large handle. Image is full color, mugs are microwave and dishwasher safe. Buy one for a friend. Patterns: Smallmouth w/crawdad, Bluegill + spider ( my favorite), Brown Trout eating a hopper, Brook Trout and Mayfly. Price: $19.95

Croakies Belts: These are the best! Really great. I have several of the Croakies belts and love mine! American Made in Bozeman by very talented fly fishing elves. These are sure to be a hit with even the most well travelled person that has it all. Belts are 1 1/2" wide and are 42" long and can be cut to size. Buckle is cast aircraft aluminum. Great with jeans, cords or khakis. Belt is color fast web. Choose from Trout Skin or Flick Ford Designs.

Trout Skin Patterns: Brown Trout skin, Brook Trout Skin, Rainbow Skin. $28.00



Flick Ford Artisan Print Belts: These have full color images done by artist Flick Ford.

Choose from : Rainbow Trout and Olive background, Brook Trout with Black background, Northeast Striper and Sage. Price: $32.00 Really nice.




Get Your Fly Fisher a New Rod!

Is your special person planning a fishing trip next season? Most of the 4 peice rods will no longer fit as carry on luggage for the airlines ( be sure to check regs, but most are limited to 24".....most 4 peice rods are 27 plus a case ). Might consider getting a March Brown 7 piece rod. Sizes from 3-10 weights, 9' plus 2 convertable rods that have removable sections to reduce the overall length. $299. Postage paid in lower 48 US and it includes a free box of one dozen trout flies.

I also have rods prices from $80 up to whatever you wish to spend. I can rig the rod ready to fish.

If you can't figure out the size of the rod, tell me where and what the person is fishing for and I can pick one out for you. THIS is one gift they will love and most likely don't have yet!!!!!!!!!!

Unique gifts for Under $35.00

Fly Tying Basic Tool Set: Has a set of scissors, bobbin, threader, whip finisher, bodkin, all they need to tie a set of flies. $15.00, Basic Tool Set with AA Vise $35.00

Tube O Thread: Fly Tyers can always use thread. This is a set of 8 spools of thread in colors they will like. $19 value, $$15.00

Tube O Floss: Single strand floss, if your tyer likes to make streamers, wet flies, salmon flies, this is a great deal. $15 value, $12.00

Tube O Tinsel: 8 popular tinsels, fine wire and lead wire. $15.00 value, $12.00

On a budget? Let me select a box of flies.

I have beautiful hand tied flies which I can choose for you. Tell me how much you want to spend, where you live or fish and I'll do the rest. I can choose a box to put them in also. I sell a dozen flies for $10.00. Boxes start at $2.50 and go up from there. Flies are a wonderful stocking stuffer and no fly fisher can EVER have enough!

Fly Tying Kits and Instruction Books:

Wapsi Deluxe Fly Tying Kit: This comes with hooks, materials, glue, tools and an instruction book., Plenty of nice stuff to get started with.

Holiday Special! WAS $100 NOW $85.00


Wapsi Fly Tying Mannual: This is a spiral bound book with lots of patterns for the beginning tyer. Maybe you have a tool set or maybe the tyer has items available. The instruction book will help you get started.

Price: $10.00





How about a Gift Certificate?

Got a Friend, Boss or Loved One that loves Fly Tying Materials? I can issue a gift certicate for ANY amount and I can send it out with a free catalog. Send me a check, name and the address and I'll do the rest. I'll e-mail you when I sent it out.To order any of the above items, click on Order Info. Stuck or need some help? I answer ALL e-mails every day and I can ship stuff darn near any place. Don't be afraid to ask for help. I am more than happy to help you any way I can. Click on e-mail below or give me give me a call @ 607-347-4946. If I am gone leave a message. I try to return all calls! If you are in a hurry, I will do my best to get your gift out in time for the holidays!


Thanks! Mike Hogue

If I can be of help to you choosing the perfect gift, let me know. I can be reached at the number listed below and I would be happy to help you pick a unique, one of a kind item for that special someone.


For more Info Contact:

Mike Hogue / Badger Creek Fly Tying / 622 West Dryden Road, Freeville, NY 13068

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