Badger Creek Fly Tyiug Fly List

Any Dozen ( Mix or Match) : $10/dozen or $1.00 each

Bass Bugs & Steelhead Flies : $3.50, Large Streamers: $1.50

I have located some high quality flies which are well made using chemically sharpened hooks and genetic hackle.

I have eliminated several folks in the supply chain which increase your costs. In most instances, I am selling these flies at or below wholesale prices.

I have very competitive prices, some of the best available!

If you have a shop, guide or are planning a trip and need lots of flies I can often wholesale flies.

For larger bulk orders I do have a minimum order.Email me for more info.

Mike's Flies

For a long time, folks have asked me to make flies to sell, sorry to say I don't have the time to make them all anymore. I have arranged to have my designs and selections made commerically. These are made on chemically sharpened hooks, using quality hackle and these won't be available from other retailers or mail order/internet catalogers.

Here's the best part......the price. Really good.

Sorry no pictures: I wish to protect my patterns. I've been ripped off before so to keep from getting these patterns pirated, there will be no pictures!

$1.50 each or one dozen/$12.

Ozark Marabou Streamer: My Dad's favorite fly. Yellow w./Black layered wing. Sizes: 6-8-10 great fly. My Dad always catches the biggest fish with these!

Stoned Hopper: Use as a hopper, stonefly or nice Ciccada. Tan with rubber legs. My design featured in an issue of SW Fly Fishing Magazine. Size 6-8-10

Ausable Bomber: Originated by Fran Betters, redesigned by me. Awesome fly. Caught some arm busters with these! 6-8-10. The bigger the better. Use for a great cranefly imitation.

Mike's Sulpher: Colors and design choosen by me. One of the best dry flies I've ever used. Caught trout on Midwestern Spring Creeks, the Delaware, Finger Lakes Tribs and Pa. 12-14-16

Pass Lake Special: Caddis dry that came to us as a gift from the Cheese Bratwurst Fly Fishing Gods of Wisconsin. One of my favs. Use it all across the planet for a caddis dry. Almost guaranteed success if you fish this !

Blue Bottle: CDC imitation of deer flies and house flies. Featured in an issue of the a British UK publication- The Fly Dresser. Size 10-12-14

Mike's Z Caddis: A cross of the CDC N Elk, X Caddis and Elk Hair. Does a great job. Bigger size can me used as a small moth type pattern. Size 10-12-14

Gold Ribbed Squirrel Ear. My version of the GRHE. Works really well. Great ISO nymph and mayfly nymph. Use year around. Size 12-14

Bead Head Red fox Squirrel Nymph. I added a soft hackle to the bead and doubled the catch rate. Great fly. size 12-14

Soft Hackle Red Fox Squirrel. Fishes as a regular soft hackle Catches trout, bluegill, crappies, bass and smallies. Haven't tried in saltwater but I bet it would work. 12-14

Bead Head Bird's Nest.: Basic design originated by Cal Birds. I changed the colors and added beads. Great nymph. 12-14

Ausable Bead Head: My design based on the Famous Ausable Wulff. Expect some press from this. Wrote a story for a major mag and it is schedulled for theWinter issue. Size 12 or14\

Holographic Gold Stripe Caddis Bead Head : Nice for fishing as a caddis. Has lateral gold stripes on it that drive fish crazy, sending them into a feeding frenzy. 12-14

Original Gold Stripe: Tied as a partidge and hare's ear with a bead head and the gold holographic stripe. Awesome fish catcher. Caught fish almost immediately first time I fished it. Got reports of this one working when nothing else does. 12-14

Mike's Peacock Parachute: Great buggy pattern to use for anytime of the year. Could be a caddis, beetle or even a mess of tricos. size 14.

Hot Spot Emerger: Hare's ear emerger with a hot spot so you can see it. Fishes well most of the time. Size 14-16

Dry Flies: $1.00 each, 1 dozen $10

Adams: size 12, 14, 16,18

Parachute Adams: 12, 14, 16, 18

Quill Gordon: 12, 14, 16

Elk Hair Caddis: 12, 14,16,18

Goddard Caddis: size: 12, 14, 16

Yellow Humpy: 12, 14, 16

Red Humpy: 12, 14, 16

Blow Fly: Blue or Green : 14

Lt. Cahill: 12, 14, 16,18

Hendrickson: 12, 14, 16

Dark Cahill: 14, 16

Gray Wulff: 12, 14, 16

Royal Wulff 12, 14,16

Adams Wulff: 12,14, 16

Black Gnat: 14

Mosquito: 14

Renegade: size 12, 14, 16

Blue Wing Olive: 18

BWO parchute: 18

Griffith's Gnat: 18

Adams Compara Dun, 18

Double Humpy, Yellow, 10, 12

Double Humpy Red, 12

Flick's Red Fox Variant: 12,14

H & L Variant: 12, 14

Ausable Wulff: 12, 14

Parachute Sulpher, size 14, 16

Parachute Hair's Ear, 12,14

Sparkle dun: olive or sulpher, adams size 14-16

Rusty Spinner: 10, 12,14,16

Pass Lake Speical 14

Brown Hackle Peacock 14

Mr. Rapida*n, 12,14, 16

March Brown: 12,14

Light Cahill Parachute 14,16

Adams Sparkle Dun 16

Hi Vis Emerger Parachute 14,16

Hares Ear Parachute: 12, 14

Stimulato*r; tan 10, 12,14, 16

Stimulato*r, black 12,14

Large dries: $1.50 each

Green Drake: 8, 10

Gray Drake: 8

Club Sandwich: tan , black or lime; size 6

Para Royal Madam X 8 or 12

Chernobly Ant: 6 olive or tan

White Wulff: 8, 10

Royal Wulff 8, 10

Terrestrials: $1.00 each/ 1 Dozen $10

Dave Hopper: 8, 10

Dave Cricket: 10

LaTort Hopper: Tan, Size 10 or 12

Madam X, Red or Yellow, 10

Tu*rk's Tarantula, gold, size 10

Parachute Madam X , Yellow, 12,14, 16

Parachute Madam X, Chartreuse, 12,14,16

Parachute Hopper, 10

Black Foam Parahopper: 10

Ant , Black , Brown18

Epoxy Ant: 16 Red/Black

Nymphs: $1.00 each, 1 dozen $10

Hares Ear; 12,14,16

Olive hare's ear: 12, 14,16

Brown Hare's Ear: 12, 14,16

Bead Hares' Ear: 12,1 4

Bead Pheas Tail: 12, 14

Bead Prince: 12, 14

Bead Olive Hare's Ear: 12, 14

March Brown: 12

Zug Bug: 12,14

Breadcrust: 12

Montana Stone Fly, Yellow & Black: 10

Hendrickson: 12

Prince 12, 14,16

Pheasant tail nymph: 12, 14,16

Brook's stonefly nymph: size 8

Bitch creek nymph: Yellow or Orange, size 8

Stone, Black, Rubber Legs: 8

Stone, Yellow, Rubber Legs: 8

Re*d Fox Squirrel Nymph: 12, 14

Re*d Fox Squirrel Nymph, Bead, 12, 14

Bead Rubber Legs Hare's Ear, 12

Bead Co*pper John, red, green, copper 12-14

Wired Prince: Beadhead, Brown/Copper, 12,14

Lightning Bug/Gold Beadhead, 14

Gray philo Hex Nymph, 8

Casual Dress Nymph: 8

Wets: $1.00 each, 1 dozen $10

Leadwing coachman 12

Partridge & Orange: 12

Olive and Black soft hackle: size 14

Timberline emerger: 14

Red Fox Squirrel Nymph/soft hackle: 12, 14

Micro Muddler, 12, 14

March Brown, 10

Partridge and Peacock 14

Partridge and Pheasant 14

Partridge and Green 14

Streamers: $1.00 each, 1 dozen $10

Muddler minnow: size 8, 10

Marabou Muddler, white or yellow, rust size 8

Olive matuka: size 8

Mickey Finn : size 8

Black ghost size: 8

Black nose dace: size 8

Bead Olive Wooly Bugger: 8

Bead Black Wooly Bugger: 8

Bead White wooly bugger: 8

Wooly Worm Black: 10

Wooly Worm Olive: 10

Purple Bead Wooly, 8

Rubber legs, wooly size 8

Large Streamers: $1.50 each

Deceive*r: Red & White, Size 2

Deceive*r: White, Size 2

Clouser Minnow: Orange and brown: Size 4

Clouse*r Minnow: Olive + white: Size 4

Clouse*r Minnow: green + white: Size 4

Clouse*r Minnow: White + brown: Size 4

Deep Minnow, Perch, size 4

Deep Minow, Chartreuse + white, 4

Glass Minnow, Chartreuse/White or White/Paeacock 4

Zonker: White, Black, Orange, Olive, Chartreuse: 6

Olive Sparkle zonker: 6

Double Bunny: Olive or Chartreuse: size 2

Near Enough Sculpin olive or gold , size 8

Matuka Sculpin: olive or gold, size 4

Epoxy Minnow: Rainbow, Brookie or shad, size 6

Wooly Muddler: Black size 6

Strym*ph: Olive, Black, Rust: 8

Ostrich Tail Hellgrimite: Black 8

Gray Ghost 6

Green Ghost 4, 6

White Soft Hackle Streamer: 4

Wordons Worry 6

Supervisor: 6

Hairwing Rainbow 6

Hornburg 8

Hairbugs: $3.50 each

Hair Bug: Sunfish: Size 4

Hair Bug: Diving Frog, Olive, Size 2

Hair Bug: Fire tiger diver: Size 4

Hair Bug: Yellow Fruit Cocktail: 4

Hair Bug Bee: size 4

Hair diver with rabbit strip, black or purple: 4

Baby Mouse, size 4

Mouse Rat size 4

Dancing frog/ red /w white: 2

Waker Shad, size 4

Waker Sunfish, size 4

Mini Hair Bugs: size 10, Red/White, Blue/Orange, Black/Yellow, Yellow/Black, Chartreuse/Black, size 10, $2.50 each

Popping Bugs/Pencil Poppers: $3.50

Harvey's Pencil Popper, white, gold, size 2

Harvey's Pencil Popper: Yellow, Chartreuse, Black, White, size 4

Bluegill Poppers: $3.50

Gaines Sneaky Pete, Chartreuse, Black size 6

Hula Popper: blue/chart, White, Black, size 6

Chug Bug size 8, black, white, froggie/green, froggie/brown

Gaines Chug Bug size 6 white, chartreuse frog,, bee, , white/olive, white/blue

Harvey's Bluegill Popper white, yellow, black, charteuse, size 10

Harvey's Mini Popper, size 12, yellow, white, black, charteuse

Steelhead/Salmon $1.50:

Purple Peril: Size 6

Max Canyon, 6

Freight Train, Size 6

General Practioner: Size 6

Black Bear, Green Butt, size 6 & 8

Polar Shrimp, Size 6 or 8

Babine Special: Size 6

Signal Light: Size 6

Silver Hilton, Size 6

Winter's Hope, Size 6

Comet, Pink, Size6

Comet, Chartreuse, Size 6

Comet, Orange, Size 6

Cossebloom, Size 6

Egg sucking leech, Purple, Black size 6

Undertaker, size 6

Gray Rat , size 6:

Eggs: ( $.75/ each), Chartreuse, Orange, Pink, Sparkle Blue, Pink Chartrreuse. size 8


To order just email your list to me, I will tell you what is in stock. I will give you the total plus taxes and shipping.

You will send me a pay pal, I send the flies just that simple.

NY residents please include 8% sales tax, please include $4.25 s & h for orders under $50. Over $50 please include $6 s & h.
All flies will be sent in crush proof boxes and/or mounted on foam strips.


For more Info Contact:

Mike Hogue / Badger Creek Fly Tying / 622 West Dryden Road, Freeville, NY 13068

Phone: 607-347-4946