At Badger Creek Fly Tying we have been selling feathers for over 15 years. Over the years that we have been in business, we have dealt with serious artists, fly tyers, crafters, movie companies and Native Americans. We stock and carry one of the world's most unique selections of natural and exotic feathers. We hand select each item for quality and when you deal with us, you are dealing directly with the owner/operator ( that's me, Mike Hogue ) to process your order and help you select the items you need to make your next creative project a success. Listed below are just a few of the hundreds of items we carry. If you are looking for something unqiue, one of a kind or unusual, give us a try. Often we have items available which we can't list. While our primary business is fly tying and fly fishing, I will do my best to describe things in a method or way, you can find helpful. I am one of the world's leading authorities of fly tying materials, feathers and natural products. I have many years of experience I can use to help you any way I can.

Please note: If I give lengths and colors ect, these are approximate as these are natural materials and can vary between one piece and the next. If you are looking for an exact length, size or wish to match an exact color, let me know. I might be able to help size things for you or choose something that will fit your needs. Pictures are representative of the item, quality and colors. If you are not fully satisified, you can return the item within 30 days for a refund. See order page for refund/return policy.

Note: ALL prices of saddles and availability are subject to change, Please contact before ordering.,


American Chukar Flank: These are very similar to red leg partridge/French Partridge. Feather is about 2" long. Base is gray, with a bottom black bar, a chestnut center, a top black bar and tip of dark brown. Very nice. Packet of loose flanks: $2.50







Authentic Coq De Leon Feathers: These feathers were originally raised by Spanish Monks and this breed dates back to the 1600's. These feather have a metallic black, blue or purple base ( each one is unique) and has a blonde colored edge with black speckles. These are quite unique and very rare. The fibers of each feather are long , straight and fine. Overall length of each feather is around 3-4".

Colors are Light, Medium or Dark Pardo.

About 1 dozen pieces

Price: $9.75



Canvas Back ( Aka Pintail Flanks) Feathers: These are longer duck flanks that are quite rare. Has a black bar with cream center and is edged with a light ginger . Since the original flanks are now no longer available, these are flanks of canvasbacks that are trimmed and nearly identical to the original feathers. $5.00/pack ( about a dozen)


Dyed Golden Pheasant Pelts: These have the entire body of golden pheasant. These contain many metallic and unusual feathers with hundreds of feathers on each pelt. The natural color of these pelts are typically red/orange with some green and blue mixed in, when dyed these have some very stunning colors that could be blended together for interesting and unique results. ( Contains: Body, wings, no head or tails)


Colors: Black, Hot Pink, Orange, Red, Purple


Price: $12.00

Natural Non-Dyed Golden Pheasants ( No Head or Tails): This have no heads or tails and are useful for anyone looking for natural red./gold feathers.

Price: $8.00 each. Once in awhile I have a few grade 2's. $6.50





English Grouse Hackle: These have are smaller feathers with a round tip. Each feather is about 1" long or so and are quite soft. The colors are natural and very unique. Each one has a rich red/brown base with natural burnt orange flecks. These birds are from Scotland and Wales are often seen on labels of Scotch Whiskey.

Packet: $3.50

Wings: $6.00

Complete Pelt: Contains head, wings, body: $45.00





Golden Pheasant Heads: These are just the golden pheasant heads. The lower collar is called a tippet section and has a natural orange feather with a square edge. The tips of these feathers are natural black and the tippets also have a natural black bar across them. The heads have a natural metallic golden crest. The entire head is about 4-6" long. Tippets are about 1-2" long and crests can vary between 1/2" long to about 1 1/2" long.

Price: $8.50



Goose Shoulders: These are wing quills from the backs of white geese that are over dyed. The quills are quite soft and are a stout quilll. Feathers generally have a round tip and a wider taper. My quills have nice clean edges and contain few chips. Inferior grade goose often have nasty edges, rough tips or stress bars across the feather. About 5-7" long. About 6 pieces per package.

Colors: White, Black, Red, Green, Chartreuse, Hot Orange, Purple, Claret , Yellow, White, Hot Pink, Brite Kingfisher Blue


Price: $3.50


Grade B Jungle Cock: These are one of the most highly prized of fly tying feathers. Originally used as an eye on minnow patterns. These are domestically raised grade B necks which are loaded full of beautiful jungle cock nails. These contain some split feathers but can be mended very easily and are quite useful. Elsewhere these retail for more than $130 each!

Price: $80 or 2 for $150


If you wish, I have small packets of sized feathers. Size Ex Small, Small and Medium

Pack of 10 Jungle Cock Nails: $6.00








Note: ALL prices of saddles and availability are subject to change, Please contact before ordering.


Grizzly Schlappen: These are very soft feather that are wide. Length is about 7-9" and feathers are strung together.


Colors: Chartreuse, Hot Orange, Natural Grizzly, Yellow, Red, Olive and Yellow.


Price: $7.50






Note: ALL prices of saddles and availability are subject to change, Please contact before ordering.,

Natua Whiting Hebert Pro Grade Saddles: These are natural saddles that come in many interesting colors. None of the feathers are dyed. Each patch is washed and dried. Feathers are long, narrow and contain hundreds of feathers.About 12-14" long.

Colors: Cream, Grizzly Variant, Brown, Furnace, Silver Gray, Tannish Gray, Golden Ginger, Dark Grey

I often have variants which are mixes of colors such as ginger-grizzly and ginger/dun-gray. Email or call for more details.

There are between 250-300 feathers per pelt. I am selling full pelts, no halfs. One color only per pelt. No multi color packs available in Hebert saddles.

Natural Colors: Price: $65.00

Grizzly: $85

White: $85

Many of these are sold out, email first







Hebert Dyed Saddles: These have long feathers, about 12-14" long. Ideal for earrings and extensions.

Dyed Coachman Brown ( Rich, Dark Red Brown ) and Black

Red Brown/Coachman, sold out sorry

Price: $65.00







There are between 250-300 feathers per pelt. I am selling full pelts, no halfs. One color only per pelt. No multi color packs available.




Due to demand., please email me before ordering,Please email only I can't return all the calls for fashion customers. I have many other saddles not listed.

Select Maine Grizzly ( not shown): 10-12" patches, 5-7" length, nice saddles, nice colors. Furnace, Barred ginger and ginger variant. $40

Whiting 100 Packs: Ties 100 flies, 10 feathers 10" long. These come in grizzly or white. $23.00

Whiting Euro Fashion Packs: Has 10 feathers per pack. Dyed grizzly and many other colors. 10-12" long. $45 each

Not Shown: Hair Extension Threader: Brass handle with a wire loop, use to thread beads and hackle; $2.50

Metz Pro: I have some older Metz saddles. These have 10-12" patches, have 7-9" feathers. Colors: , Brown, Grizzly, White, Grizzly dyed Olive and Grizzly dyed Brown. $45, Grizzly or dyed $55

Some Notes and Suggestions: I've been in the fly fishing business for 17 years . As an industry most of the saddles were sold out last year and it will be still be another 12-18 months before things return to normal. Email me and I will see what I can find. I have some products.. I have stock and I am getting new inventory all the time., I won't take back orders or sell what I don't have. We will be fair and honest with you and we hope you will do the same. For what it is worth, there is almost zero grizzly or white saddles left any place, at any price.

Lady Amhurst Heads: These are similar to golden pheasant heads. The major difference is the ends have a round tip on the outside of the feathers. The tippets have a black metallic edge and some feathers contain a black stripe across the center. Feathers vary in length from about 1- 2".

Colors: Natural white w/black: $12.00

Dyed: Chartreuse, Green, Blue, Purple, Hot Pink, Hot Orange, Black : $12.00







Strung Marabou: These are about 3" long blood marabou feathers. The center stem is quite thin and the feathers are very soft and fluffy. These are often the sort of thing that might be found on a feather duster. Tips are very nice with little or no broken ends, quality is very good.

Colors: Hot Pink, Purple, Brown, Black, Olive, Yellow, Burnt Orange, White, Hot Orange, Chartreuse

Price: $2.25



Hungarian Partridges: These have natural feathers that colored gray, brown and tan. Feathers are baout 1/2' to 3/4" long. Some are more brown and some are more gray. The tail has nice short quills about 2' long. Fibers are a bit finer. Includes body, cape, wings and tails. $16 each or 2 for $30











Peacock Eyes: These are natural green that have a metallic blue /green color. Each package contains 4 sticks that are 10-12" long. Each stick contains eye with quill section below and herls which the long strands below the eye.

Color: Natural : $2.50, Dyed: Black or Red: $2.75

Not Shown Bleached and Dyed Peacock Eyes: These are bleached to a tan color and contain metallic eyes. The sticks are dyed over and have a more opague color, very unique. The bleached color is very close to a natural cameo peacock that is quite rare. These very well done and look quite nice.

Colors: Bleached, Yellow, Red, Purple, Brown Olive, Green, Black, Caddis Green ( Brite Green); $3.50pack of 4



Blue Peacock Neck Feathers: These can be used for a blue spey hackle and also on the cheeks of some salmon flies. Neck feathers are a mix of metallic blue and can used for a jay sub or as a collar too. Price: $2.50










Ringneck Pheasant/ #2: These are full pelts that contain lots of interesting feathers. Heads are metallic blue, neck has natural metallic brown, while the saddles have metallic blue and green mixed. Full sized pelt with wings/head/body. Some pelts have a damaged or little or no tail.

Price: $6.00









Dyed Ringneck Pheasant Patches: These are just the metallic back feathers from a ringneck pheasant. Feathers are about 1/2" long and have multi colors. Natural is blue/green. Dyed over saddles contain lots of interesting colors. Choose from Orange, Purple, Olive, Claret, Flo Red, Black and Chartreuse. $6.00 each.

Ringneck Saddle Patch: Non dyed patches that have only metallic blue/green feathers : $5.00





Ruffed Grouse Tail Clump: Full clump. This is a shorter tail clump. Feathers are about 4-6" long and have a square tip. The fibers are marked as brown/gray/ tan with a dark brown bar at the top; Much smaller than turkey quills. About 10 feathers in a clump. $4.50











Dyed Over White Schlappen: These are strung feathers that are very soft. These are 7-9" long and have soft edges to them. Use these for making earrings. All are dyed over white.


Colors: Brown, Black, White, Chartreuse, Olive, Hot Orange, Purple, Hot Pink, Yellow, Gray.


Price: $6.50




Strung Silver Pheasant Cheeks: These are strung feathers that are white with a gentle black bar. On larger feathers, some of these are a v shape. These are very nice, have a round edge, are soft and about 2-2 1/2" long.

Colors: Hot Orange, Blue, Chartreuse, Yellow, Red, Green, Hot Pink, Purple, Claret/Wine, ( Silver Doctor Blue).

Price: $6.00






Strung Dyed Grizzly Saddle Hackle: These are dyed over grizzly/chincilla hackle. Feathers are wide, soft and long, about 7-9".

Colors: Red, Hot Orange, Hot Pink, Olive, Yellow, Brown, Chartreuse, Frog Green, Burnt Orange.

Price: $6.50




Dyed Over White: These are the same size and length. Dyed Over white. Colors: White, Black, Olive, Brown, Yellow, Gray, Hot Orange, Hot Pink, Purple, Chartreuse, Turquiose, Rust.. $6.50






Strung Guinea Hen Feathers: These are poka dotted feathers with a black base and white spots. Feathers are 2-3" long, wide and soft.

Colors: Hot Pink, Yellow, Green, Claret, Chartreuse, Blue, Brown, Orange, Purple.

Price: $4.50



Dyed Over Variant Strung Saddle Hackle: These are grizzly brown over dyed. For unique colors. Feathers are strung, wide and soft. About 7-9".

Colors: Brown, Claret, Black, Olive.

Price: $6.50





Spey Plumes ( AKA Mini Ostrich): These are short ostrich drabs about 2-3" long and about 1 1/2" wide. Very soft feathers.

Colors; Heron Gray, Purple, Black, Turquoise, Hot Orange, Chartreuse, Green, Hot Orange, Ginger (Light Burnt Orange/Auburn), White.

Price: $3.50/ pack of 10






Teal Flanks: These are shorter duck flanks about 1 1/2" to 2' long and have black bars across them. Feathers have small strands/fibers and are an oval shape more or less. Has a firm stem.

Colors: Natural,. Purple, Red, Hot Orange, Green, Claret

Price: $2.50 /pack



Dyed Gadwell: Wide and long dyed flank. Colors: Natural., Flo Blue, Heron Grey, Merganser Brown, Purple, Hot Orange, Hot Pink. $3.50








Whiting Farms Coq De Leon Saddle: These are an entire saddle patch of Coq De Leon Feathers. Originally raised by Spanish Monks. These have long fibers and are a blonde color. Centers have metallic purple, blue or black center. Feather have flecks on them. Feathers are medium to wide and and somewhat stiff with a soft base and center. Stem is very thin and flexible. Entire patch has feathers that vary from about 7-10" long.

Colors: Light, Medium or Dark Pardo.


Price: $28.00






Wooduck Flank: These are highly prized amongst fly tyers. These are natural gold with a brown bar. The barred flanks have a black tip. Very difficult to find. Feather are oval shaped more or less and have soft fibers that are long.

Flank: $4.50, substitute wooduck/dyed over mallard flank; $1.50

Barred Flank: $4.50



Ultra Wire: This is fine wire that is colored. It can be used to wrap, twist or use as a base. It is similar to a heavy type of thread like Coates and Clarke's Carpet Thread. It has lots of uses and many of the colors I have are quite unique.

Colors: Brown, Copper, Silver, Gold, Black, Olive, Claret, Red, Green, Amber: $1.75

Hot Colors: These are silver based wire that is colored.Colors: Chartreuse, Hot Orange, Hot Yellow, Blue $2.25


Stainless Steel Wire: This is ideal for using on earrings. It is a very fine stainless wire often found in dental work. You can use this for all sorts of intersting twists, wraps and use a fine wire to string items together. It is smaller than many wires found elsewhere. $1.75







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Please note: I am not responsible for damage to hair , clothes ect. Customers using these products are advised to check before ruining expensive clothes or hair color. It is assumed all products here are used for fly tying or artistic purposes. Any and all other uses remain the responsibilty of the user. Check dye lots and how fast dye is by putting strands in water and soaking before use. Brite reds, orange and such are famous for bleeding. These products are sold as fly tying products only.