Prince Nymphs and the Derivatives

By Mike Hogue


As far as I know the Prince was created by Edward Prince of Michigan. It is a pretty good pattern and has caught lots of fish for me. The pattern which basically represents nothing and everything is more less a cased caddis sort of pattern. It can be used as an Isyonica pattern for late summer and early fall fishing as well in the Northeast. Of late I have seen many patterns which are more or derived from this central pattern. By changing several things you can get some ideas how to refresh an old pattern.

The standard pattern for the prince is this:

Hook: Mustad 9671 or 3906b size 10-16

Thread: 6/0 brown or black

Rib: fine gold tinsel

Hackle: brown hen

Tail and topping: brown goose biots for tail and the top is a crossed pair of white goose biots.

Body: Peacock herl

The easiest thing to do to change this fly is add a bead. Okay, easy you say. Not so easy for nymph hooks. Usually to add beads on nymphs , take a pliers and bend the hook out about 10-15 degrees. I often grasp the hook between the bend and the point. If you yank too hard you will snap the hook. To bend back put it in your vise and push down hard on the hook shank. Remove and reinsert the hook to make it level again. Wow!

I add holographic tinsel to the for the rib and use ginger hen, for all my princes. I think that this lightens up the fly's appearance and makes it more attractive. The holographic tinsel adds some character to it also.

A good tip to do when making the fly is to run a bit of Zap a Gap down the back of the thread and then wind on the hurl, you must use a sparse amount of glue or the body will be very hard. Usually, I just touch it and run it down.

A common guide fly in Montana is to sub rubber legs/white for the biots. They often fold the legs in a v shape and tie in by the tail and the tie one on the top. Some folks sub in red thread to give it a bit more of a collar. The rubber legs allow you tie this a bit quicker.

One fly sold by Orvis for many years is the Rainbow Prince. This is combination of things which include: adding white round rubber legs for the tail and wing, substituting fox fire lite brite for the peacock hurl body. My wife tie this with a black bead in a size 8 and uses it for a stonefly, she also ties this in several other sizes as it is one of her favorite flies. The Lite Brite changes the fly and adds more sparkle to it.

A really hot fly this season in the Northwest is a Prince made using dark olive brown dubbing mixed with a green sparkle dub ( or Lite Brite), the fly is tied on a shrimp or scud hook and the tail is pheasant fibers. The hackle is tied as a beard instead of in the round. I'm sure the name of this one, I guess it is the Prince emerger? I do know that some places they can't keep this on hand. It looks good to me, I may tie some to fish it this fall.

There you go, adding a little spice to several old ideas. A little flash and glamour get added to dress up something which already works pretty good.


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Red, Green, Blue, Gold, Black, Purple, Silver all $1.50 each size small.

Thread: Red 6/0 the best for a prince collar. $1.50 ( Have it? Try Fire Flo Orange, a NE favorite on dry flies. That's $1.50 too.

See if you don't read all this stuff, you miss something good!

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Get it? Gun, really dead, not too bright....okay.


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Going, Going Gone

Some stuff that didn't sell so good. Now marked down.

Used to be really popular stuff. Big Fly fiber. I guess this was hot when big hair and no brains were the keys to getting lucky. Well I have a ton o this stuff. Was $3.50 now $1.75 each. White, Yellow, Chartreuse. Use for pike flies, mega divers. Use for making giant long striper flies. Use this idea quick before some crafty New Englander runs off to Smuckumpqua and patients the next hot fly.

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The fishing is sort of slow. I have caught resident rainbows on small olive parachutes the past few days. Before dark and toss below your favorite falls, let drift. Best size 16-18 , most fun with a 2-3 weight. Supposed to be tricos on a few streams, I haven't seen them. Rumor has it that there is supposed to be a large discharge of water at Salmon River this weekend. They are going to crank it up to 750 cfs and then cut it off. It should start bringing in the fish soon. Check out some web sites from Pulaski for more info. I think this may be one of our best years with all the rain we have had.



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