Another Trip to The White River

By Mike Hogue

I was out of town the past week attending the Southern Council of the FFF show in Mountain Home Arkansas. I spent some time fishing the river, seeing some old buddies and attending the show. I always like doing this show and seeing some of the many friends and folks I have gotten to know over the years. I had a chance to visit with the two Daves--( Whitlock and Wotton), talk with some of the tyers and see some of artist/guide Duane Hada's latest creations. All in all not a bad trip.

By far one of the " highlights" was being inducted into the unofficial , "Royal Atlantic Bream Society," which is the brain child of Louisiana fly tyers Mark Pinsel and Kyle Moppert. It would seem that these two tyers attended a show and there were only salmon tyers, so in an effort to balance the tying, they decided to create this society, who's major goals are to promote warm water fly tying and have fun promoting this group ( aka drinking lots of beer) . The club has a theme song, which is Jimmy Buffet's " Margarettaville" . As of yet I don't have a club card or a pin and I am waiting for my membership proclamation from International Officer Charles Jardine.

I was also impressed with Texas fly tyer, Dale Wilkinson's new business card. His Dallas, TX tying club is called the Road Kill Round Up and has a squirrel on that met an untimely death at the hands of a truck tire ( ie mowed down) . Dale is currently working on the ultimate red neck series of lead head bream flies which utilize match the colors of farm tractors. For instance he has a John Deere series, Massey Ferguson and Allis Chalmers. Dale also had one of the most interesting fishing objects I have ever seen. He had a friend that works with prisoners in Texas and somehow one of the inmates caught wind that Dale liked to tie, so he made Dale a cast metal money clip with a picture of one of his bugs plus the logo," Death Before Bait." Now how cool is that? I want one, I want one, I want one. Maybe we can do a pin like that.

I finally wrangled a sculpin from Billy Munn. Billy is a deer hair ( har as they say in Texas) . He is past winner of the FFF's Bus Buzzick award for outstanding tyer. In the past Billy tied flies for Dave Whitlock ( when Dave had a fly company) and for many years tied all of the mice sold by Hunter's. The first time I saw one of Billy's sculpins was several years ago at the FFF show. At the time a domed fly of his sold for around $75 ( which now seems like a bargain). I thought that was kind of high at the time so I passed, always regretting that I did. Anyway, I swapped some stuff and now have one his sculpins.

Dave Whitlock had some beautiful new prints he did of bluegills. His latest print is a lithograph that he hand colors with colored pencil and then remarks with his signature. The cost of those was pretty reasonable and offered a great buy. I think they were about $65 for an unframed print or $200 for a framed print. You can get them from him at his web site:

Fly Tying artist and guide Duane Hada had some interesting things. In the past Duane made the trout stamp for the state of Arkansas and also is one of the very few fly fishing master anglers for the state of Arkansas. To win this award, Duane caught 5 different fish that were trophy fish. He caught bass, panfish and several trout on different rivers at different times with each fish trophy sized. Duane makes some very cool metal fish sculptures that are cut of plate stainless steel or anodized aluminum. His smallmouth is really cool and the colored rainbow is really neat. You can learn a bit more about Duane at:


I also spent several days fishing. I fished some holes that I fished for many years and I caught a lot of nice fish. The White is a tail race that has an 8 turbine generator system which is below a dam that is the main drainage system for a 3 state area. The river fishing is based on tides, you fish water that is falling or raising depending on water releases from the dam. After many years of fishing this river, I got to know it pretty well. I was alarmed to see all of the housing development along the river. Hundreds of new homes have popped up. The bigger concern I have is all of the river algae which didn't exist 5 years ago. The entire river bottom is now covered with millions of snails. I don't know if this is good or bad, I do know that in 5 years, the river ecology is almost totally different. I suspect that the snails are related the mud snail which is giving places fits.

I surely miss fishing the White as much as I used to. I got to fish with my Dad some and we caught about 50 bluegills each in one of the lakes near his house.


New Stuff:

Micro spawn yarn: This is used to make the sucker spawn series of flies. Very effective fall patterns for upstate NY water and also places that have spawning fall browns. Colors: Chartreuse, Orange Roe and Cheese. $1.75

Hi Vis ( AKA Krinkle Zelon): Hi-vis is a sparkle antron type yarn. Very useful for wings, shucks, parachutes or as a parapost. Colors: Light Dun, Med Dun, White or Wooduck ( use the wooduck for the shucks of a z caddis or sparkle dun). $3.00

Whiting's Spey Necks: These are really cool. Hackle is a cross of mop head Polish chicken plus Coq de Leon. This is used for spey hackle as a blue ear sub. You can also use the feathers for prawns, shrimp and crawdads. Fibers are very long and soft. Here's the good part: cost: $20 each. Colors: Black, White, Heron Gray, Purple, Orange, Yellow, Flo Blue.

Badger Creek's Tyer's Bobbin Bag. Desgined by me and one of a kind. American made with cordura and polar fleece inside. Holds a crapload of bobbins loaded with thread. $12 each

Cream Cahill Fox: This is a very light red fox which is a very pale pink to it. Exceptional colors, use for dries. $1.50 each.

Suede Guinea Hen Skin: First time I have had this one.... very rare. This is a blue dun guinea with no spots. Neck has some purple, back has brown dun. Use for big mother nymphs, spey flies and salmon flies. Might make cool prawn flies. $35.00

Matched Bronze Mallard Pairs: These are a pack of 12 or 6 r+l bronze flanks. Hand selected, matched, use for spey wings and wets. $3.50.

Barred CDC. This is too cool. Hand marked CDC , each feather is silk screened with small black bars. Use for wings, posts, spinners, compara duns. White, Olive, Light Dun, Wooduck. $2.50

Mike's Hook Bowl: Machined out of stainless steel, these will hold beads, hooks and can be used by rod builders to mix epoxy. Designed by me and available only from me. Use as an assault weapon in the event you are ransacked by Terrorists holding your cree necks hostage for free dry flies. $12 each.

Really cool deer face ( aka deer pizza). Nope this isn't the latest flavor from Dogmino's. This is a deer face dried flat. Has the head, face and cheeks. Some the best hair you will ever use for compara duns, hay stacks and elk hair caddis. Use for sparkle duns on Delaware trout. $15

Tyer's Tubes: These are really neat. 9-10" long with a square plastic cap. Thread tube holds about 9-10 thread spools. Flash tube is a bundle of 7 small tubes with a giant plastic cap. Holds Krystal flash, flashabou flat, 10" long. Thread tube: $1.75, flash tube: $6.00

Meiho Pizza Box: This isn't a left over from some fraternity party I found at Cornell and decided to sell ( no there is an idea!) The Meiho Pizza box is like my hot selling midge box. Box is round with 8 individual doors that pop up. Box is round. Use for beads, eyes, hooks and such. Makes a dandy travel item. I have looked for this one for about 3 years and after a great deal of pleading, the box gods brought this one out. Sure to be a hot seller. $5.00

UNI Stretch: At your request I added this material. Stretch is a fine poly yarn that is combed out. Use like floss to make bodies or to build up an area. Colors: White, Black, Gray, Flo Red, Olive, Flo Yellow, Chartreuse, Purple $1.50

Paul Whillock Materials: I was featured in Fly Tyer as the source for this stuff:

Japanese Nymph Legs: These are synthetic legs which are use to make stonefly legs. Paul Whillock uses these in his new stonefly nymph in the Fall 2004 issue of Fly Tyer. Colors: Yellow, Black, Tan. $2.00 each

Daiichi D1730 Stonefly Nymph Hooks: These bent shank hooks used to make Paul's Stonefly. This is model perfect hook, 3 XL, w/down eye. Size 4: $6.00/25 or Size 6: $4.50/25

1/4" Scud Back: This is extra wide scud back used to make wing cases, or wrap as a body. VERY similar to the UK Flexibody. Don't drive yourself nuts looking for that because it is almost impossible to find. Colors: Black, Brown, Yellow, Clear, Tan. $1.50

1/8" Scud Back: Available in a smaller size. Use for body wraps. Black, Brown, Chartreuse, Clear, Olive, Tan, Yellow. $1.50

Porcupine Guard Hair: Used in many new super realistic patterns. These are cream fibers from porcupine. Extra stiff, about 2-3" long. $3.00

Synthetic Raffine: This is material Paul will be using in a future article. Used for mayflies, extra high quality material similar to Swiss Straw. Colors: Tan, Yellow, Brown, White. $3.50


I was at a book sale and found these books. Out of print titles.

Vermont Trout Streams by Farrow Allen, PB. In fine shape, this is the only book I have ever seen just on VT trout. Has maps, where to fish and loads of info with a large fold out map. If you want to fish the Battenkill, buy this. Useful for the VT White and many others. Don't make a trip to see Below-Orvis without this. $12

Trout Fishing in Shenandoah National Park by Harry Murray. This is a guide to all of those cool brookie streams and all the Rapidan feeder creeks. A must for all VA fly fishers that want to go trout fishing near DC. Not sure if it is out of print. Older clean copy, PB, $10.00

Fly Fishing for Trout in Missouri by Chuck Tyron. This is an older edition of Chuck's book. For many years Chuck attending my old club's Hffa annual meeting. Chuck is also one of the original Frozen Phantoms. His book is a complete guide and offers lots of info. Mint copy. PB Signed by Sharon Tyron ( Sharon passed away a few years ago). $12

Pro's Guide to Fishing Missouri Lakes by Monte Burch. Out of print guide with maps, boat landings, travel info. Maps for Table Rock, Bull Shoals, Truman, Norfork and Stockton. Very good copy PB. $7.00

Lefty's Little Tips and Modern Fly Casting Methods, Lefty Kreh. Mint copies from the Lefty's little library. Hard backs. $15 each/

Practical Fishing Knots Lefty Kreh. One of the best knot books ever. This is an older copy of the classic knot book. Loads of knots, pictures and illustrations for rigging lures and flies. Useful for saltwater and anything that swims. $12.00


Shows: I will be at these shows next month:

November 12-14, 2004, The Arts of the Angler: Fly Fishing University, Sheraton Inn, Danbury, CT. New show just added. Fly Fishing University in association with the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and the Catskiill Fly Tyer's Guild is presenting this new show dedicated to books/collectables, fly tying and cane rods. Live auction and banquet to benefit the CFFCM Saturday night. Boatloads of tyers, special classes and instruction. Go to for more info.

November 20, 21, 2004. The International Fly Tyer's Symposium, Doubletree Inn, Somerset, NJ. This is our 5th year for this show. Many top name tyers will be here from the US, Europe and Canada. Past tyers that have appeared have included: Dave Brandt, Bob Mead, Fishy Fullum, Paul Whillock, AK Best. Over 100 of the best tyers from the Northeast and the US and Europe will be there. Be sure to attend the Banquet it is one of the best. For more info go to: For more info go to



Learn How to Tie Wet Flies: One day seminar with Don Bastion. Don is one of the Northeast's premier fly tyers. Don's flies have been featured in the Art of Angling Journal and Forgotten Flies. Don has also tied the entire set of 500 Ray Bergman flies from the book Trout. He does beautiful work! Don will show how to make married wings, quill wing wets and many traditional patterns. A great opportunity to learn how to tie some very effective flies. Saturday Oct. 23, 2004, 9-4pm. Cost: $75.00, lunch provided. This price is a bargain! Others have been charging $150- $200! To reserve your spot, call or email me.


Badger Creek has one of upstate New York's biggest selections of flies for fall fishing. Just IN! Over 70 dozen new patterns: hair wings, salmon flies, double bunnies, eggs and steelhead nymphs at great prices. $1.50 each for salmon flies or $10 a dozen for trout flies. Many of these patterns have caught some great fish over the years.


I have a great selection of rods for fall fishing. Many models from $100. Choose from 2-3-4 piece models. I have 9'6" rods for salmon fishing, extra long stiff noodle rods for deep drifting in 10' or 10'6" models. Really hot this year are the Heritage spey rods that are selling for around $250. In Ireland, Peter Oreilly is selling these for about $450. My price is almost 50% off!


Fishing Report: The fall fishing is in swing up north. Reports are that the fish are in at Pulaksi. Not the biggest run, some fresh fish in upper fly selection. Our fish just coming in . We need cold plus a rain to really bring them in. You can still fish most rivers until 10//16. Try dries and some of the usual nymphs and streamers.

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