New Stuff 2004/05

By Mike Hogue

One of the great difficulties I have each season is picking items which I think might be good sellers for the next year. Sometimes I miss the mark, sometimes I guess right and sometimes I am totally caught off guard by the next new thing. Usually, I try to do some all of the above and hope that I haven't made too many mistakes along the way. There are a couple of major boners I made, but mostly I have never made any really serious errors ( like order 500 9 weight rods). Last year the really hot seller was the Petitjean Magic Tool. This single tool accounted for a lot of sales, tools, materials and also supplies. I think that a fair number of folks totally missed the boat on that one and several large catalogers didn't even include that item in their spring offerings. I am sure that is why I continue to be in business because I often have an eye for the overlooked, unusal or even something interesting.

One of the best bits of advice I got was to read Sam Walton's book about WalMart. Okay, I can't ever possibly hope to be the next Walmart but I think that Walton's insight into business is by far and away a breath of fresh air in retailing. Walton set out to visit every Kmart in American and ended up seeing almost every one 3 times. He also said that sometimes something needs attention, he sold like 10,000 foam minnow buckets and something like 50,000 halogen headlights just by giving the item attention. Wow! Now if I could sell that many hackle pelts maybe those guys in Vermont ( Orvis) and Nebraska ( Cabellas) would hire ME to run their companies and maybe my MBA would finally get dusted off and get the work out it really needs.

I do spend loads of time shopping, looking, searching and also talking with suppliers, manufacturers and also distributors. Does it make a difference? Well, I'd like to think so. My hope is that the customer benefits (which is you) in more products, better prices and more innovative ideas. Little tiny outfits ( like me) only continue to exist based upon these basic ideas: service, products, innovation and good prices. If I have something that is over priced, usually I am thumped over the head with about a million emails reminding that well so and so is cheaper.

So what is it that trips my fancy and how do I select something for you? I like to use," gee that's cool, that's interesting or hmmmmm I wonder if that would work for.....?", approach. If it passes those tests, well I can't be too far of the mark. Handling loads of stuff makes a difference too. Gotta see it, hold it and look at it, sometimes it also doesn't hit until later that well that item is pretty cool. Some times people just offer stuff which I think might be interesting or at a good price. The most important thing for me to do, is have fun and not to bore you with endless crapolla ( which is what this is starting to sound like.)

Anyway, so if you wondered how I choose things and why, there you to the fun stuff. What is the next cool thing? I think I have at least a few of them.



Wishbone Easy Self Threading Bobbin: This item is actually a return of an older product very similar to the original Dorin bobbins sold about 20 years ago. The thread tube has a small cut out which allows you to push the thread through. No more fumbling for a threader or trying to suck up the thread/wire like the last bit of beer at a Fraternity party, just push and pull. Well made $15.00=

Springo Whip Finisher: This is a spring loaded flexible design, which allows the thread to rock a bit. Main advantage is that it gives a bot of flex which reduces the chance your thread will break. Stadard design $7.50, also available as a Wasatch Angling tool with wood handle: $17.00

Terra Bodkin Holder/Cleaner: This is a machined aluminum bodking holder, insert your bobbin in, twist and loads of your gunk is removed. $9.00

Terra Bent Shank Scissors: The shank is bent about 15 degrees, used to provide more clearance and also helps in trimming hackle. Design is unique. $6.00

Mike's Hook Bowl: I am going to keep pushing this item because it is so cool. This is a solid machined staineless steel bowl. Holds hooks, beads and can be used for mixing epoxy. Designed by me and unique only to Badger Creek. $12 each or 2 for $18.

There are about 10 other tools I will adding this winter, so stay tuned.



Organizing Stuff: Tyers have all kinds of needs for items to store and carry materials or supplies. I am always on the look out for interesting things to hold materials.

I have had some of this for about 4 -6 months. Some is brand new.

Box o Tic Tacks: This is a clear box which contains a set of 24 individual clear plastic boxes. The individual boxes look a great deal like those little tic tacks boxes. Holds beads, eyes and such. $9.00

Tyer's Tubes: These are clear plastic tubes that hold materials or thread. Ends have soft, flexible caps. Keeps stuff from getting dirty or rolling around. Thread tube: 10 1/2" by 1' tube, holds about 10 spools of floss, wire, thread. $1.75. Flash tubes: 10" by 1/2' diameter. Insert flash materials, keeps all this sparle stuff flat. Pack of 6 : $5.00, Flash Magazine: 7 10" flash tube in a bundle with large end cap. Keeps all flash materials together: $6.00

Mike's Bobbin Zipper Case: Cordura with polar fleece liner. American made. Holds crapload of stackers, bobbins and tools. Green, very nice. $12.00

Meiho Pizza Box: Plastic box shaped like a pizza. Has invididual flip lids that pop up. Use for a single container to hold beads, hooks, eyes. 8 separate compartments. $5.00


Materials: This must be the year of the braid, several new braids out. Very nice stuff.

Gudebrod HT Braid: Very cool stuff, this is a metallic holographic braid. Wind on as a body material, makes a very nice body. Colors: Gold, Silver, Copper, Pearl. $3.00/card

Hareline Holographic Braid: Similar to above. Red, Black, Green: $2.50

Midge Daimond Braid: This is a smaller braid identical to the popular diamond braid, use for bodies, ribs, wings, posts or shucks. Colors: Black, Caddis Green, Dun Gray, Fl Chartreuse, Olive, Orange, Peacock, Pearl, Purple, Root Beer, Tan. $1.50

Ice Braid: This is a clear non iridescent material which is woven into a braid. Creates a more clear effect. Black, Clear, Flo Blue, Fl Chartreuse, Hot Pink, Fl Orange, Green Caddis, Hot Orange, Purple, Root Beer, Silver Ghost, Tan. Standard or Midge. $1.50

Iceabou: A clear, non iridescent wing material. Use for wings, shucks, posts, body flash or use as a material for Clouser minnows ect. Non pearlized, clear, very interesting look. Colors: Clear, Chartreuse, Green Caddis, Herring Back, Hot Orange, Olive, Silver Ghost. $3.50

Egg Veil Milky White : Used for eggs to create a veil which makes the eggs look like milt or use for a hatching egg. Very fine white material. $2.50

Hareline's Fish Scale Powder: Very fine pearlized material, used as a glitter mixed in with epoxy or hot melt glue. Pearl Green color: $4.00

Embossed Pearl Flashback: This is a sheet of pearl mylar with a small embossed texture. Use for scuds, flashback or cut into strips for streamers. $3.50

Purple Haze Holographic Flash Fibers: Purple holographic material that creates red hues, use for Joe Cambridge's smelt pattern or wind on for wings, bodies ect. $3.50

Badger Creek's Own: BCFT Fibers. This is a soft yarn that is stiched and is about 1/2" wide on one side. Material is a soft sparkle antron. Wind to make minnows, crabs or use as a small spey hackle sub. Very coool. Colors: Black, Blonde, Olive, Peach, Violet, Purple, Hot Pink, White, Orange, Silver. $1.50 each or 5 for $5.00

Joe Camrbidge's Glimmer Fly Flashabou: I have the exact match of the material Joe uses for the Glimmer fly. This is a killer fly he uses for fall browns and landlocks. Mix of blue, gold, lavender flashabou. $3.50

Hareline's Scud Dub Box: Box of 12 scud and sowbug colors. Use for scuds and sowbugs. $15.00

Bill Skilton's 2 tone foam strips: These are a 3 color strip, use for a quick sight beetle. All are black with a center stripe each goes black-color-black. Very hot tiger stripe fly was a big hit at Blue Ribbon in W. Yellowstone last summer. : Black with Orange, Black with Yellow, Black with Green. 4 strips. $2.50

Fishy's Cricket Bodies: Precut foam bodies. Use for Fishy's Early Hopper or Crickets/ Regular size, Olive or Yellow. $2.50

Bill's Plastic Foil: Fine foam with a mylar backing. The foam is a very, very thin paper like material with a backing. Use for flash backs, caddis nymphs, wind as a stone fly body ect. Colors: Black, Clear, Grey, Yellow, Orange, Olive/ $2.50 a sheet/

Ice Yarn: This is the very cool mylar Master Brite material woven into a yarn. Makes interesting material that can be frayed, split or combed out. Use for bodies, shucks, wings, makes color terrestrial wings. Dark Olive, Flo Green, Hot Orange, Tan, Pearl, Root Beer, Peacock Black. $2.50

Bill's Baitfish Yarn: Soft sparse, woven, one inch yarn with mylar in it, use for baitfish patterns. Colors: Black, White, Gray, 3-4 color Mix of Olive/Brown/Gray $1.75


New Feathers:

Cul -de Chicken: This is the latest craze. Very nice stuff. Patch from breast of genetic bred birds, the feathers have nice tips for a soft, willowy type effect. Treated with watershed. Use as a sub for wings, paraposts, wind as a hackle or use in the Magic Tool. I am going to use this instead of kip tail. Colors: White, Grizzly, Tan, Slate Gray. $6.00 /patch

Turkey CDC: These are small individually selected blood marabou feathers. Use for very small nymphs, in the Magic Tool, woolies or even use as a wing. Colors: White, Olive, Slate Gray, Cinnamon. $2.50

Barred CDC: Hand selected CDC, each is individually marked with a small black bar for grizzly effect. Creates a two tone effect. Use for wings, as a hackle or spin on a parapost. Wooduck, Olive, Light Dun, White: $2.50

Another Color of Genetic CDC: I have added Black to all the other colors of the Genetic CDC. My Genetic CDC is the premium select material priced at 50% below any of the stuff coming from a country with a Red Flag and a White Cross. $3.50 Other colors: White, Yellow, Olive, Olive Dun, Dyed Light Dun, Brown Dun, Ginger, Dark Dun, Natural Light Dun. $3.50

Dyed Strung Peacock Herl: This is a very hot seller in Europe now. Use for bodies or on nymphs. By far the most interesting color is the Blue. Colors: Flo Blue, Flo Green, Flo Red, Flo Purple, Black. $3.50 a pack.

Flo Blue Pheasant Patch: I added this color to the selection of rooster pheasant patches: Olive, Claret, Flo Green, Claret, Black, Olive. $5.00


Sale Items:

I really want to get rid of this: Deer Mask (AKA Deer Pizza). Ordered for a customer, still have it. Makes the coolest compara duns, hay stacks or sparkle duns, loads of light dark, medium hair. Complete face. WAS $20 NOW $15. Buy any rod, I will give this to you free. Buy a pair of waders, free.

Still have some: Got a boatload of Jungle cock necks. Grade B, nice for fishing flies. $50, full cape.

More fox tails. I got some nice ones, a few tropic fruit colors. Tan, Tangerine, Gray and many others. $10.00


2 really cool new books. I love both of these:

Hairwing and Tube Flies for Salmon & Steelhead by Chris Mann The world's leading fly tiers have contributed their own unique flies and fly-tying advice to this guide to the most widely-used flies for salmon and steelhead. Chris Mann's remarkable computer graphics convey the flies with clinical precision and color accuracy. He has selected over 500 of the best hairwing flies, based on those submitted by leading fly tiers from around the world. This book will inspire fly tiers to try a whole range of exciting new patterns, tying techniques, colors, and materials. $34.95 HB

Tying Classic Freshwater Streamers by David Klausmeyer Classic Freshwater Streamers is the first book to show you in detailed step-by-step photos and complete instructions how to tie such patterns as the Gray Ghost, Lady Doctor, and Chief Needahbah. Klausmeyer explains how to make durable tandemhook rigs for tying classic trolling streamers and how to tie marabou- and hair-wing streamers. This important book also features complete instructions for dressing modern fish-catching "classics" such as the Muddler Minnow and Thunder Creek series.Tying Classic Freshwater Streamers includes a comprehensive discussion of material selection & photos of additional flies--with recipes--dressed by some of the best tiers in the country. Klausmeyer is well known for his finely detailed & stunningly beautiful fly photography. Here he features more than 230 exquisite photographs.$39.95 HB


Shows: I will be at these shows:

November 12-14, 2004, The Arts of the Angler: Fly Fishing University, Sheraton Inn, Danbury, CT. New show just added. Fly Fishing University in association with the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and the Catskiill Fly Tyer's Guild is presenting this new show dedicated to books/collectables, fly tying and cane rods. Live auction and banquet to benefit the CFFCM Saturday night. Boatloads of tyers, special classes and instruction. Go to for more info.

November 20, 21, 2004. The International Fly Tyer's Sympossium, Doubletree Inn, Somerset, NJ. This is our 5th year for this show. Many top name tyers will be here from the US, Europe and Canada. Past tyers that have appeared have included: Dave Brandt, Bob Mead, Fishy Fullum, AK Best. Over 100 of the best tyers from the Northeast and the US and Europe will be there. Be sure to attend the Banquet it is one of the best. For more info go to: For more info go to


Fishing Report: Browns started to move in. These are hit and miss, not very thick. Salmon run here was very spotty and I am not sure where the fish are but they weren't where I was fishing. Try eggs, stoneflies, streamers, woolies. Big fish have been taken using midge/yes midge patterns, drift in the foam for best results. For brownies try Fall Creek and also out at AES Milkin Station, some smallies/ giant size out there! I saw a 4-5 lb smallie caught by someone using alternative tackle last week.

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