Internet Newsletters

In the summer of 2001, I started emailing all of my customers the first of many internet based newsletters. This is a chance for you to catch up on the latest in fly fishing. I write a fun, fact filled column about some topics I think are news worthy, interesting or different. I post info on materials, special close-outs, new products and hot buys which are available nowhere else! The column also has a fishing report, the latest in gossip and stories of my travels, shows and what not. I also send out fly patterns of some of my latest creations.

From time to time I have guest appearances from my dog Catana and folks I meet. This column is free and is available only to my regular customers. Don't miss it! It's not really spam, it won't hurt you and it is fun! It is all certified to be family friendly! To subscribe just email me and I will send you the past issue and sign you up for the next series. I have archived all of the past newsletters on-line for your reading pleasure.

Aug: 2001: Summer Fly Tying

Sept: 2001`: The FFF Summer Conclave in Livingston, MT

Oct: 2001: Essay: The Really Big One That Got Away

Nov. 2001: Tying Fall Streamer Patterns

Dec. 2001: Inside the International Fly Tyer's Symposium and Holiday Gifts

Jan 2002: Winter Reading List of New Books

Feb 2002: In and Around the World's Largest Fly Fishing Show at Somerset, NJ

March 2002:Adding New Life to Flies

April 2002: In and Around the Fly Tyer's Rendezvous

May 2002: Getting Flooded

June 2002: How to Choose Bass Bugs

July 2002: How to Laminate Foam

August 2002: Understanding and Working With Coq De Leon

Sept. 2002: The Salmon River and The Magic of Blue Estaz

Oct. 2002: Tinsel as a Dry Fly Material

November 2002: Fall Sale Newsletter

December 2002: Realistic Flies

January 2003: Understanding Hooks

Febuary 2003: How to Choose a Fly Tying Vise That is Best for You

March 2003: Time to Start Fishing

April 2003: Twisted Sister: A New Look at Dubbing

May 2003: British Columbia Fly Fishing

June 2003: How to Buy a Rod and the Summer Internet Garage Sale

July 2003: Fly Fishing in Hot Weather

August 03: Is the Catskill Dry Fly Dead?

August 03 Bonus: Salmon Tying Class Plus Sale Items

September 03: Prince Nymphs and the Derivatives

October 03: A Fall Fishing Trip and the Southern Council Conclave

November 2003: The World's largest Wooly Bugger

December 2003: Chosing the Right Thread

January/Feb 2004: Marc Petitjeam Dubbing Tools

March 2004: How to Orangize Fly Tying Stuff

April 2004: Another Trip to the Midwest

May 2004: How to Buy a Fly Reel
June 2004: The One That Didn't Get Away

July 2004: Grouping and Categorizing Dubbing

August 2004: A Bunch of Ways to Increase Your Fun and Skills as Fly Fisher

September 2004: Peacock Backed Woolly Buggers

September 2004: Bonus Material

October 2004: Another Trip to The White River

November 2004: New Stuff for 2004

December 2004, Attending Fall Fly Tying Shows

January 2005, How to Collect Tyer's Flies

February 2005: Inside the World's Largest Fly Fishing Show

March 2005: Notes From the Road

April 2005: Opening Day 2005





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