Some Notes from the Road: March News: March 2005

By Mike Hogue


Sorry I haven't done the newsletter sooner. I have been at several fishing shows the last few weeks. I thought I would toss out some interesting comments and observations as well as some of the usual pathetic sick humor I have.

Some of the most fun I have had for some time is spending the weekend with the Hawkeye Fly Fishers. This is my old club from Iowa and had an absolute great time seeing all my old buddies and I also helped them raise some money for all of the great spring creek projects they get involved with. The weekend's speakers were Kelly Galloup and Jack Gartside as well as myself. I gave a talk on "What's New In Fly Tying/Understanding Fly Hooks", a new Presentation on " An Iowan Goes Fly Fishing in the Catskills" plus " Fly Fishing the Finger Lakes of New York." After a few techno issues with the Power Point, Joe Wedum and I got everything working without a hitch.

The best was spending some time with Kelly and Jack. Both are very interesting and funny folks. Kelly told us stories of Montana, and his guiding experiences in catching steelhead. Most exciting was hearing about his favorite stream , ( the Cat, which is in New York). He told me how, he caught waves of steelhead with FFerman editor John Randolph and Jim Teeny. I can't wait to fish the place. Jack was his usual very entertaining self full of lots of really old jokes and interesting stories. ( BTW you can see Kelly at the Midwest Fly Fishing Show in Minniehopless next month, I won't be able to come. ) Thanks again to all the HFFA gang!

By far the highlight was the auction. It began with a video Joe Wedum had of sychronized float tubers fly fishing. Joe picked this up from PBS and got a print to start the evening. Absolute hoot watching folks float tube along the lines of sychroinized swimming. Later we began the auction and it was a great success. I brought several items from New York to help out with. The best item was a Wasatch 32 piece tool with a lazer etch of the HFFA logo. It brought in some sizable funds! Way to go! They closed with an item I created," The Ulitimate Pus Bug Fly Box". This box I adverstized as being made of ," aged hardwoods and hand crafted. " On the side of the box I added these logos: " The HFFA/signature logo, Death Before Bait and No Alternative Tackle". The box of course was actually a minature wooden outhouse with a working hinged door ( with a carved half moon slot as well! ). The box contained several stylized steelhead pus bugs. When I opened this there was a deathly silence....... I thought oh-oh. Opps. I really did it. Let's hope I can leave before they start tossing the salad at me ( literally!). Anyway, the auction began and low and behold, they got $80!!!! Wow! Yeah! It was a hit. ( For those that aren't aware, the Pus bug is an Iowa fly that is claimed to be one of the most effective flies ever. It is a bead chain wooly bugger of sorts and is about the ugliest mess of a fly you have ever seen. In New York, this fly is banned from use, as you enter the Catskill Region there are large signs proclaiming such!!!!!! Honestly! ) Of course all good things must eventually come to an end. I headed home and out on the road.

Next week I was in Charlotte, for the Fly Fishing Show. My Mom, Dad and brother's family were on hand to help out. One of the highlights of the show was some stickers I picked up. I found these really cool ones that say: " I am the Person the Park Ranger Warned You About." and other was," I ran out of sick days so I am calling in dead." Very funny. Yes! I was glad to see my Mom and Dad and of course have a real live Dairy Queen sunday since we don't have Dairy Queen up north. I also had real Southern Bar_B_ Qued ribs, not that crap that tries to get passed off up here in Eskimo country as ribs.......One bummer about living up here is that there isn't any place that really knows barbeque....... if I find a place I will let you know. I was spoiled eating in places in KC , St.Louis, Memphis and Arkansas when I lived in the Midwest. In any case, it wouldn't take too much to convince me to move again. Gees this is drivel isn't it? Okay Richard Ross more story so pay attention!

On the way back I stopped at Murray's Fly Shop. I talked with Harry and bought some flies. I dug through his boxes and pulled out some of his signature flies like the James Woods, Maraduer, Mr. Rapidan, Waterman's outcast bucktail, all there . I suspect that Harry didn't tie these but oh well, I wanted to see what a few looked like. Murray's is part drug store and part fly shop. You can go in and pick up a river map and get your perscriptions filled. "Would you like a muddler minnow with your heart medicine? " Defineately a throw back to a different age. If you want call Harry at 540-984-4212, he can send a catalog, give you some lessons or will send out your medicine as well.

Next up was Pittsburgh / Penn West's TU Cabin Fever. This is a one day show to benefit Trout Unlimited. I had a booth and spent some time talking with the show organizer Bill Hayes. Bill told me stories about how he is a part owner of real estate in Tennesse though the Jack Daniel's distillery. He gets mailers advertising coon hunts and also gets letters asking permission if they can use his land for fishing ect. It seems that Bill owns one square inch of land and was giving a deed and title for $25. Very funny. He did warn me about sampling the local brews. If it comes in Mason jar, you need hold on to your hat or it will clean the hair out of nose!

I also had great fun, talking with America's fly tying sweet heart Kim Boal. Kim was tying flies in the booth next to me with Oil City Outfitters. I kept trying to sell Kim my deer mask which I advertised as a deer pizza, I even tried to stuff it in her tying bag or cut it into slices for the trip luck. Crap. It is still for sale! I am really determined to sell this now! Kim made several nice flies using some of Marc Pettijean's stuff.

One great place I stopped on the way down was the Woolrich outlet store in Woolrich, PA. ( For those that don't know this: Woolrich is an old time maker of woolen goods, they make clothes for Orvis, LL Bean and Cabela's and Bass Pro. Their chamois shirts and red checked wool hunting coats are world famous. ) The town of Woolrich is home to all the famous woolen goods, The Woolrich brothers and has a nice outlet store smack dab in the middle of nowhere, it is about 10 miles from Lock Haven which something like 20 miles south of Williamsport.....this more or less north and east of State College, home of Penn State University and those stupid PUSSY cats they call the lions. (BTW the lions lost to Iowa in football this year.) Anyway, great fun if you get out that way and another reason to travel is it is beautiful and not all that far from the Loyalsock which is where Al Troth created the elk hair caddis!!!!!!!

Well so much for notes from the road. Here's the good stuff.



New Books:

Go To Flies By Tony Lolli With paying clients expecting to get into fish no matter what the conditions, professional fly fishing guides from around the country have relied on years of on-the-water experience to develop special flies that they can fall back on when nothing else is working. Spanning fresh and salt water, hatches famous in the East and West, and everything from tiny dry flies to monstrous streamers, Tony Lolli has assembled the best of these original patterns. Whether you're chasing salmon in Alaska, cutthroats in the Rockies, brookies in the East, or flats fish in Florida, there are patterns here that will definitely catch you more fish. Includes dressing and tying instructions. $25.00 PB

I am in this book so I thought I out to promote this one. Check out my Mylar Minnow fly which is in this book. Order from me and I'll autograph my page at your request.

Mayflies by Ted Fauleglia Everything on mayflies, from the most outstanding photographs of every stage to scientific descriptions and Latin names to pattern information, is included in this comprehensive book. Each chapter shows and describes the insect, from nymph through spinner, and lists patterns and photos of imitations that match each stage. Two photographic essays show in fascinating detail an emerging Blue Quill dun and a molting Yellow Drake dun. A breadth of information, natural history on mayflies, and angling tips on flies are matched with Fauceglia's phenomenal photography. $50.00 HB

This is a Great Book! The Pictures are unreal! This is sure to be an instant classic. AWESOME with a capital A++++!!!!!!!! Be sure to get this one Allen Flecther!

The Trout Fly Patterns of John Goddard by John Goddard. John is one of the world's greatest fly tyers and fly fishers. His classic book, " The Trout and the Fly" is considered by most to be one of the best fly fishing books of all time. This new book has all of his favorite patterns and includes instructions for many flies like the Goddard caddis, suspender midge and many more. Full color photos, available for the first time in the US. $27.00 HB



New Stuff:

Glimmer Flash Chenille: This is a bit thicker than Estaz. Very cool. I picked this up in Iowa. Dyed over pearl, olive or black. Use for maruader flies, woolies, damsels, dragons. Olive or Black. $2.50 a card.

Really nice pheasant skins. Complete pelt, with head, wings, tails, whole works. Use for Jack's favorite, the sparrow, use for hoppers and pheas tail nymphs. Millions of uses. $6.00/

My favorite wings are back: Veniard's wings are great for soft hackles. Choose from coot, red grouse, woodcock, all $4.50. Also available: American ruffed grouse wings: $4.50 and jay wings/ #2's for $7.00.

Joe's Smelt feathers:For about 10 million years, I have been asked for these. The original was supposedly pintail. The actual feather was from a Japanese duck which is now threatened. These are white listed mallard/flank/colored canvasback pointed feather that are trimmed on one side. Ties size 4 and down flies. Extremely rare. These are the closest you will get without raiding the stuffed dead rare bird museum at the Cornell Orinonthogly lab. $5.00

Gimp Feathers: These are just the gimp feathers used for Dean Elder's pattern of the famous Lacey Gee ( founder of Wapsi) fly,"The Gimp". One dozen for $2.50.

Great nice wooly bugger saddles: Extra wide and full, Feathers are about 12-15" long and tie size 8-10-12. Choose from Olive dyed over white or black. $15.00

American Speckled Hen Backs: Great soft hackle and nymph stuff. Natural gray which is a partridge sort of color with round tips. Use for collars, nymphs or as a nice soft hackle. Natural gray, dyed olive or dyed brown. $6.75

Really nice Badger Strung Hackle. I like this, makes a cool collar, nice bass tails, use for spey flies, salmon flies or as a matuka. Natural cream, dyed olive, blue, yellow or hot orange. $3.50.

Not many left. I cherry picked Keough's saddles and found some cree. Most got sold last week. One saddle left. Ties 12-14, cree marked dry saddle. $12.00

Mark Pettijean's Magic Heads. Very hot folding plastic heads. Makes a streamer and instant slugo! Unbelievable action. Sizes: xxsmall, xsmall, small, med and large. $5.00 a pack.

Just in! Mike's Stackers. Machined brass stackers. These are similar to the old worrywood stackers of days of old. The large one can be used as an urban assult tool for those of you from the city. Extra heavy will straighten the ugliest of deer to a perfect 10. Sizes: small, medium, large, jumbo large, $12 for the small , medium , $15 for the jumbo and large. $50 for the set of 4. (If you saw these in Feathercraft, they are mine!, I sold these to them!!!!!!)

Terra Bead Tweasers. Grabs beads and locks, use for popular 1/8" and 3/16" wooly bugger beads. Steel with locking arm. $8.00

Terra Tweasers: For fans of Don Bastion's wet flies, Don recommends a tweaser for married wings. I found these, extra long with fine tips. Has protective tip pouch. $2.50

Terra Dot Eye Painting Tool. use these to paint dot on eyes, flies or even use to add drops of glue. Very cool. Machined aluminum. $3.50

Terra Wing Burners. Wing burners are a hot item for making realistic flies. use for making wings, wing buds. Brass with shaped tip. Locking clip, stick feather in, light and melt feathers to shape. Caddis, Mayfly or Stonefly. Set of 3 ( stonefly) or 4 ( others) $9.00 each

Terra Flashback Pack. 6 colors of large mylar sheeting, use for scuds, nymphs, flashbacks and for minnow patterns. 6 colors. Pearl, pink, blue, orange, green, hot orange. $5.00

Targus Faux Fox Fur. This is a very hot craft hair. Extremely cool. Looks like some frosty fox hair on drugs. This is a very nice select craft fur. I choose the best colors: white ( polar bear), frosted tiger print( nope this is not tony-the-tigger stuff, frosted orange, black white mixed), Frosted olive sculpin ( black olive,white mixed), frosted brown olive ( olive,brown, black), frosted black/white ( mix of white/black). $3.00 each.



Nice bucktail travel packet: 6 colors of bucktail pieces in a pack. Use for streamers eect..... $4.00/ each

Bucktail Pieces: Large piece use for streamers and clousers. Colors: white, black, yellow, orange, olive, chartreuse $1.50 each 3 for $3.75

Special Bill Skilton's Chernobly Ant Bodies: I have a super special on these. Red hot for Green River trout, also use for bass fishing. Foam cut outs. Some multi layers, many colors to choose from. WAS $2.50 Now $1.50 each or 5 for $5.00. ( for these I will choose colors, list a few and I will try to match....olive, black, tan, orange, yellow ect. )

Partridge Speical: Ever popular material use for many nymphs. Loads of feathers. Complete pelt with head, tails, wings and body. $15 each or 2 for $25.00

Kim Boal's Favorite Pizza sized Deer Mask. Basically this looks like a deer flattened to pizza size proportions. Long sought after, this is a hot item, use for millions of compara duns, has loads of fine short hair. Dress the neighbor kids up and use as a natural Halloween custom. Really piss off your "crunchy" friends from Cayuga Heights and leave one in their mail box, telling them the next deer will be sausage. Cut into slices and give to a friend. WAS $20 now $10.

Come on! Somebody buy this thing!!!!!! Please, the jokes will get much worse I promise.


Last Call for shows:

( The LAST SHOW this year!!!!!!) The Fly Fair, Ft. Washington, PA, March 12-13, 2005. This is the second year for this show. Last year this was a great show and the only show in the Philadelphia area. Be sure to check out the drawing which will include a complete fully loaded fly fishing vest donated by Badger Creek. For more info, click on:

The Catskill Fly Tyer's Guild Fly Tyer's Rendezvous, April 16, Rockland House, Roscoe, NY, 10-3pm. This is the 4th year for this great event. Tyers from across the NE will gather for a one day event that is free and open to the public. Over 40 tyers expected to come, we will have a mix of the known, unknown and unexpected tyers present at this show. This year's attendees: Bunkie, Brandt, Crazy Carl the deer Miester, Bobster Mead, The Evil Twisted Patlin Brothers, Fishy, Johnny L, the Andy and more. TOTALLY FREE!

Fishing Report: Turnfee Flats is red hot, get loads of discounts on cheap crackers and head south. It sucks up here. More snow due soon. I am way ready for spring. No steelhead yet way up north, very spotty according to my info.


For more Info Contact:

Mike Hogue / Badger Creek Fly Tying / 622 West Dryden Road, Freeville, NY 13068

Phone: 607-347-4946