Not much in the way of useful info in this newsletter. This is mostly a cheap commerical ploy to get your attention. If you do hit delete now you will miss savings on some cool stuff. Mark downs up to 50% off.



New Stuff: I just added these hooks and they are HOT. These babies will be flying out the door soon. Targus hooks are an instant best seller. As one of the Internet's Leading Edge Companies, I am pleased to be one of the first Internet Retailers to offer these fine fly tying hooks for sale.

Targus hooks offer the fly tyer unusual quality and value. These hooks are produced by one of Japan's oldest hook makers and are made from high strength alloy steel with an impeccable finish. Targus hooks have clean closed eyes with a micro barb. Every batch of Targus hooks is carefully checked for its Rockwell hardness to assure proper temper and specified strength. Every step of the manufacturing process undergoes stringent quality control checks.

These hooks are also priced at a very competitive price. Compare these prices to any premium brand and you will find them to be an exceptional value. In most instances these are 25-40% below the price of similar premium label hooks and in many instances they are comparable in price to many bargin or economy brands. Watch out Smellebla's and Smorvis!


( All come in 50 piece packages and are priced per 50 )

Dry Fly Hooks

TAR100: Dry Fly Hook, Down Eye, 1x Fine Wire, Wide Gape, Forged, Bronze Finish. Sizes: 10-22.. Equivalents: TMC100, Mustad 94840, Kamasan B405, Daiichi 1190. Price: $6.00/50

TAR101: Dry Fly, Straight Eye, 1X Fine Wire, Wide Gape, Forged, Bronze Finish; Sizes: 14-22. Equivalents: TMC101, Kamasan B410 , Daiichi 1110. Price: $6.00/50

TAR200: Dry Fly, Nymph and Terrestrial Hook. Straight eye, Standard Wire, 3XL, Semi Dropped Point. Often used to make stimulators. Sizes 4-18. Equivalents: TMC200R, Kamasan B220, Mustad 53S, Daiichi D1270. Price: $7.25

TAR2302: Dry Fly, Terrestrial and Bead Flies. Down Eye, Standard Wire, 2X Long, Humped Shank, Forged, Bronze Finish. Sizes: 8-16 Equivalents: TMC2302, Daiichi D1260. Price: $7.00/50

Nymph and Wet Fly Hooks

TAR2487: Scud and Emerger Hook, Curved Shank, Down Eye, Fine Wire, 2X wide, Non Forged, Bronze Finish. Sizes: 10-22 Equivalents: TMC2487, Mustad C49S, Kamasan B100, Daiichi D1130, Price: $6.00/50

TAR3769:Wet Fly Hook, Sproat Bend, Down Eye, Heavy Wire, Non Forged, Bronze Finish. Sizes: 10-16. Equivalents: TMC3769, Mustad 3906, Kamasan B175, Daiichi D1530 Price: $6.00/50

TAR5212: Dry Fly, Nymph and Bead Fly. 1X Fine Wire, 2XL, Down Eye, Forged, Bronze Finish. Sizes: 8-16 Equivalents: TMC5212, Mustad 9671, Kamasan B830, Daiichi D1270. Price: $6.50/50

Streamer and Bugger Hooks

TAR5263: Streamer and Wooly Bugger Fly, Down Eye, 2X Heavy, 3XL, Perfect Bend, Forged, Bronze Finish ,Sizes: 4-12. Equivalents: TMC5263, Mustad 9672, Daiichi D1730. Price: $7.50/50

TAR9394: Streamer and Wooly Bugger, Straight Eye, EX Heavy Wire, 4XL, Perfect Bend, Forged, Nickel Plated. Sizes: 4-8. Equivalents: TMC9394, Mustad 9674, Kamasan B820, Daiichi D1750. Price: $7.50/50

TAR300: Streamer and Wooly Bugger, Down Ey, Heavy Wire, 6XL, Forged, Bronze Finish. Sizes: 4-8. Equivalents: TMC300, Mustad 3665A. Price: $7.50/50

Salmon and Steelhead Hooks

TAR105: Glo Bug Hook, Straight Eye, 2X Strong, 5X Short, Reverse bend, Non Forged, Bronze Finish. Sizes: 4-8. Equivalents: TMC105, Kamasan B982 . Price: $6.50/50

TAR7979: Salmon, Steelhead and Spey Hook, Straight Loop Eye, Heavy Wire, Curved Shank, Forged, Black Nickel Finish. Sizes: 4-10, Equivalents: TMC7979, Kamasan B220. Price: $13.00/50

TAR7999: Salmon Fly, Turned Up Loop Eye, Heavy Wire, Forged, Black Nickel Finish. Sizes: 4-10. Equivalents: TMC7999, Mustad 36890, Daiichi D2441. Price: $16.00/50

++++++++++++++++++++++COOL NEW Book++++++++++++++

Dry Fly Patterns For the New Millennium By Poul Jorgensen and the CFFCM: This is the first installment of Flies for the Year 2000. As part of this display at the CFFCM, over 1800 patterns from nearly 800 tyers from all over the world submitted patterns. These were then photographed and printed in a book. Contains many interesting, unusual patterns. Intro by Dave Brandt, Jim Kruhl and Paul Dahlie executive director of the CFFCM. A portion of the proceeds from this book will go to the CFFCM. $19.95 PB

For all of you HFFA Members: look in here to see Mike Jacob's fly which is on display in the CFFCM. Mike

Still available! Very collectable stuff/ VERY RARE!:

I have some copies of the First and Second Fly Tyer's Almanac. These books are out of print and very expensive. The Second Almanac is a first edition hard back and it is signed by the author Dave Whitlock and it is remarked with a trout drawn by Dave. Normally this book alone sells for $150 alone. First Tyer's Almanac is PB. I will sell the set of 2 books for $150. If I don't get any takers, I will put this up on Ebay or take them to fishing shows this winter. I will swap this book for an original Gold head Regal vise in good shape. I have another pair, one hard back Tyer's Second Almanac, no jacket, First Tyer's Alamanac PB $125.


50% off sale: I have some suppliers which have gone out of business and I will be reducing my stock by offering these items at 50% off. I also have had a difficult time dealing with a few suppliers so I am reducing my stock. These items will not be reordered and I will sell them off at some coming shows. Please indicate more than one size, color or style.

Ashima Leaders: 9 ft 2x or 6x. Was $2.75 Now $1.65

Kamasan Tippets: 2lb-12oz or 7x, 3.6 lb or 6x, 5b or 3x, 12lb or -1x these were $3.65 each, now $1.80 each. DOUBLE 50m wheels of mono. Stock up for spring.

All remaining stock of Kamasan Hooks 50% off. If these remain unsold, I will use these commerically for making some flies and/or I will sell these off at Winter shows. This is a great price.

B830 streamer/nymph hook. 2xl, DE sizes 8 and 10 only. WAS $4.50 NOW $2.25/25

B200 2xtra strong, DE, Ideal steelhead hook size 8 or 10. WAS $4.50 NOW $2.25/25

B220 Similar to TMC 200, RE, Black Nickel Plated, York Bend. Great hooks for tiny spey or steelhead nymph. WAS $4.50 Now $2.25/25

B940, RE, 3xl, Black Aberdeen, Used for Pike flies, Streamers. Size 2-4-6, WAS $1.50 NOW $.90/25

B982 Egg hook, Ring Eye. Size 6-8, WAS $1.50 NOW $.90/25

Hareline Salmon Hooks By Eagle Claw. Up eye, silver stainless steel, Size 2 or 4. WAS$3.75 NOW $1.80/25

All hooks are sized to meet New York state fishing regs for Lake Trib streams.

Still a few Left. Metz Brown #3 capes. Priced at 40% of SRP. WAS $29.50 NOW $17.50.

Small Muskrat hides: Small size, soft tanned, ideal for zonkers and for a boat load of Adams. buy one and share with your friends. Makes a nice holiday gift. Use for a very comfortable pair of slippers in a pinch. Fill with paper shreadings and use for a monster cat toy!

Live Body. If you haven't heard Dale Clemens went of business. I can not replace this product, when gone that is it . All Live Body is 40% off. Colors: Red, Green, Black, Brown, Blue, Gray, Varigated gray/white. NO WHITE OR YELLOW! Size 1/2 " or 3/8" WAS $3.00 NOW $1.90/10

Mike's Plastic Beads. Hot Glo Beads, these are being marketed as " Perfect Eggs" in packs of 10 for up to $3 each. Container of 8 colors was $6, now $4. Used for my hot head series of spiders.

Chinese Boar Fibers. Wind this stuff to make AK Best style flies. I have Natural brown, rusty spinner, sulpher yellow and some other colors. 3 packs for $3 my choice of colors.

Larva Lace. Mixed selection of midge, d strips and standard. WAS $1.50 NOW 3 packs for $3/ my choice of colors.

Autumn Lamb: Ideal for making wings, spinning or use for Whitlock's sheep shad type flies. Colors: Olive, Black, Blue, Yellow, White, Orange, Pink. WAS $2.50 NOW $1.25

McFly Foam: Egg yarn type stuff, spin as a deer sub. White, Flo Yellow or Yellow. WAS $2.50, NOW $1.25

Saltwater Grizzly Necks: Great quality. Use for decievers, bass bugs, or for wings. Round tips with webby hackle. Elsewhere: $18 each, Now $12 each or TWO FOR $18

Sharptail Grouse Skins: Tan, brown and white marked feathers, most are a bit wider for say 4-6-8-10 hackle, something different. WAS $8 NOW $6.00 each or 2 for $11


Just a reminder of our up coming Fall Creek Chapter of TU Holiday party and fundraiser, November 12 at 7:00pm at In the cafeteria at TC3. There will be many nice things for the raffle this year, including 8'6 Orvis silver label 3wt rod, fly tying material, a rod rack made by a TU member, spinning rod and tackle donated by Dicks Sporting, art work, Flies tied by local tyers.

This year we will also have special raffles available only for those who attend the party. Mike Hogue and Laura Donaldson of Badger Creek Fly Tying will be there to demo some flies and have some extra special sale items.

Plan on attending the International Fly Tying Symposium. Nov 23 & 24, 2002, Double Tree Inn, Somerset, NJ. I will be having a booth at this show for the third year in row. See over 100 tyers from around the world. Tyer's include: Dave Brandt, Oliver Edwards, and a host of others. Many specials, execllent displays, talks and demos. This is a great show. Be sure to stick around for the Tyer's Banquet Saturday Night.


As usual if you want to be deleted from this list for any reason, let me know. Hope you enjoyed this! Contact: Mike Hogue, Badger Creek Fly Tying, 622 West Dryden Road, Freeville, NY 13068 . 607-347-4946. Email:, Web Site:

++++ Fishing Report++++++++++++

Some cooler weather brought in a ton of rain and some fish. Some Atlantics showing up and a few browns. Pound the crap out of Rich's favorite plumber's pool to get a real taste of humble pie. Right! Lots of fish there. Other possible hot spots: new bridge at the high school and the black iron bridge. If you see any nasty looking salmon flies, good chance I snagged the brush with my back cast, please chop down and return. You can identify mine as they look like something from a Star Wars video. Other possible spots, the falls and also try the far side of the lake. Best of luck and happy fishing. Please release all fish.