Attending Fall Fly Tying Shows

By Mike Hogue


Ah the joys of winter. From the looks of the weather outside, it looks like the beginnings of winter are knocking at the door. With the leaves off the trees and the first meaningful snow starting to drop, I am reminded that winter is just starting. So beigins yet another winter show season as well. Fly Fishing Shows are a joy and a curse. I dread all the packing, loading, unloading, hauling and driving. The part that makes it so worth while ( beyond making a few bucks) is seeing old friends, looking at new stuff and seeing lots of interesting new patterns.

\The past 2 weeks I have been out on the road at a few fall tying shows. The first show was the Arts of the Angler Show in Danbury, CT. This is a new show created by Jim Krul and Fly Fishing University. The show had the interesting mix of collectables, books and fly tying. Part of the show involved a live voice auction for many fly fishing items some of which I have never seen before. For instance I saw several Charlie Defoe flies framed with a print made by Charlie. That one was way out my league. I did bid on one interesting thing, which I won. My Dad mostly spin fishes and loved using reels from Mitchell. Years ago my Dad was on the road and collected stamps from the Holiday Gas station, he swapped those for reels and tackle. The last of his Mitchell's died and so I bought this one as a gift. ( Since he is not computer savy I don't think he will see this notice, if you know him/don't tell. Santa can only surprise so many 80 year old fisherman.)

Some of the tiers made me laugh. John Likakis spun a deer hair blue wing olive for me. This is not your standard mayfly. It has olive hair, a red spot and blue wings. Blue -wing-olive.......get it? Okay sort of sick but still a hoot. Ralph Graves made a Santa mouse for Laura. The Santa mouse is a white deer mouse pin with red eyes and a hand made Santa hat. As far as I know Laura has the second of only 3 made. Harold B Wilson gets the nod for best flies. He made a tube fly which is a fly that looks like an inner tube with a small foam cut out of a man sitting inside it. Tube fly.....get it? Very sick. He also did a Jack Gartside fly. This was carved out of foam to look like Jack's Giraffe float tube and attached to a hook. Harold also does a deer hair black bear green butt fly which is a small black baby bear spun out of deer with a green butt. I'm thinking Harold needs to go fishing some more.

One of the best parts was sitting down for dinner with other folks. Lucky me, I had dinner with Dave Klausmeyer editior of Fly Tyer magazine. I had loads of fun listening to Dave and his stories about Maine, his boyhood Oklahoma and all the cool stuff in the next issues of the magazine. I also got to hear about John Snivley's crazy son in law. John is owner of Fly Tyer Variant and it seems that his son is one of New Jersey's few registered sword swallowers. I am thinking that must make a nasty case of heartburn.......ouch. What happens if it turns? That's way ugly to think about that.

Last weekend I was off to the International Fly Tyer's Show in Sommerset, NJ. This is the 5th year I have done this one. Every year seems to get better. I was lucky Laura is on leave and she attended the show for the first time, usually Laura has a professional annual meeting to attend. Thanks Laura! Laura had loads of fun. I invited my friend John Williams from Wales and got Chuck to sign him up as a tyer. That was really fun seeing John. John ties Irish wet fly patterns and is a very good tyer. John brought his son along. Noel Williams quickly became friends with Fishy Fullum's grandson and the two had a wonderful time. I must do something about that awful Tampa Bay hat Noel was sporting. Tampa Bay,,,,,yuck! I guess it could be worse, maybe the Raiders? Soon as I can find a Giant's cap , it's off to Wales.

By chance I also meet this year's newest rock star fly tyer..Sacha Putz. Sacha is from Germany and is last year's winner of a gold and silver medal for the Mustad Fly Tying Competition. He tied a complete set of flies to match a full color calander that one of his friends at Partridge made. Very cool. The salmon flies were too expensive for me but I grabbed a stonefly he made. I hope he comes back next year, given that he went out partying in the City with Teddy Patlin, I am surprised he was alive at all Sunday morning. His eyes did look alot like a map of the City, red with big dots. His web site is :

Also someone I had never meet was Shane Stalcup of Denver. Shave is a very talented tyer that has made several innovative flies and materials. I enjoyed the chance to see him.

Chuck had a few new people at the show. I shared some space with Regal Engineering. Regal was showing off the new pocket base and demos of the new stainless steel jaw that should come out in next few months. Thanks to the folks at Regal! I sold a bunch of the vises. I grabbed a few boxes from T-mar Studios. These are way cool. This fellow makes wooden boxes for the likes of Liz Taylor. He uses neat woods like Burley Maple, Burel Walnut and a bunch of others. I can't get a his web site to load but he is supposed to be at the Winter Sommerset show.

Well there you go..... the latest gossip in the fly tying world.


Christmas Gifts: Tired of the same things? Give these to a friend or ask Santa for one.

I have some domed flies for sale. These are hand made with a wooden base, glass dome and river rocks inside. I have 2 styles: Mike 's Spuddler and the Reverand Bob's Crawdad. Attached to cork you can remove it and go fishing. $35 each or 2 for $65. Totally unique, I made only a few and since it was a pain in the as#$%^s to make them I suspect these will be the last.

Shadow Boxes: I have several made up. These are oak or olive stained barn wood frames with three original flies. Inside the box is a totally legal scan and cut out of fish by Maynard Reese. As some might know Maynard is a duck stamp artist from MN and now hails in Des Moines, IA . In the 60's Maynard did a book called the Better Homes and Garden's, " Fish and Fishing". The prints are used by the Iowa DNR. I have cutouts of brown trout, rainbows and landlocked salmon. Signed card. Very nice. $75 each or get the entire set of 4 for $200. Totally unique, I suspect I won't do these again either since they are a pain the buttocks to make.

Another cool gift. Very hot seller last week. Metal fly fishing street signs. These are cut aluminum with a lazer cut out sticker. Very unique. Signs: Fly Tying Zone ( yellow w/black and a large dry.), Fly Fisherman crossing ( yellow/black with a man casting a fly), Trout Country or Steelhead Alley ( these are green street style with white letters and a cut out fish.) Fly Tying In Progress ( yellow with black, large fly)/ $22 each.

Wasatch Angling's 32 piece tool set. This is the motherload of tool set, features 32 of the best tools from Wasatch. Each tool has coccobolla handles with brass inserts. American made with a black velvet insert, set into a maple and walnut box, the box features a lazer etch of the life cycle of the mayfly. All tools have a lifetime warranty. Special winter pricing: $375.00

I do gift certificates in any amount. Person getting one can apply this to any purchase for anything they want. $10- $25 gift certificates make great stocking stuffers. Surprise a friend.

I have really nice flies I can box up. 1 dozen flies are $10 and a box is $10. Can't have this much fun for $20 with your clothes on.

Get a six pack of John William's flies: The real Irish Wet flies. Use them for fishing or keep and swap for some other stuff. Very unique. Money will eventually go to John. $3 each or a set for $18.00.


New Books:

Bass Bug Basics by John Likakis: Interested in tying deer hair flies? John takes all the headaches out this and breaks down steps into easy to follow instructions. No other book on the market just covers deer hair bass bugs. Very affordable. $13.00 signed.

Hairwing and Tube Flies for Salmon & Steelhead by Chris Mann The world's leading fly tiers have contributed their own unique flies and fly-tying advice to this guide to the most widely-used flies for salmon and steelhead. Chris Mann's remarkable computer graphics convey the flies with clinical precision and color accuracy. He has selected over 500 of the best hairwing flies, based on those submitted by leading fly tiers from around the world. This book will inspire fly tiers to try a whole range of exciting new patterns, tying techniques, colors, and materials. $34.95 HB

Tying Classic Freshwater Streamers by David Klausmeyer Classic Freshwater Streamers is the first book to show you in detailed step-by-step photos and complete instructions how to tie such patterns as the Gray Ghost, Lady Doctor, and Chief Needahbah. Klausmeyer explains how to make durable tandemhook rigs for tying classic trolling streamers and how to tie marabou- and hair-wing streamers. This important book also features complete instructions for dressing modern fish-catching "classics" such as the Muddler Minnow and Thunder Creek series.Tying Classic Freshwater Streamers includes a comprehensive discussion of material selection & photos of additional flies--with recipes--dressed by some of the best tiers in the country. Klausmeyer is well known for his finely detailed & stunningly beautiful fly photography. Here he features more than 230 exquisite photographs.$39.95 HB

Don Bastion's DVD: These are steps to make the original patterns from Forgoten Flies and the Ray Bergman series of books. Step by video, in DVD. Very neat video. $20



New Stuff:

Regal's New Pocket Base: Black with cut outs for hooks and beads has golden Regal medillion insert. The Regal is the easiest, quickest and one of the strongest hook holding vises on the market. Just squeeze the handle and drop the hook in. No screws, no fussing, no adjustments of any kind. The Regal is one of 2 vises on the market that can bend hooks. ROCK SOLID. $210.

Just the Pocket Base: Base alone, no stem. $85.00

Regal Promo: Buy the Regal bronze or pocket vise and get a free Regal cap. Olive with new bulldog logo. Free patch with any Regal vise. Teaching a class? The Inex is a bargin at $110 and has the famous Regal head and jaws. American made, lifetime warranty. Standard Bronze base $225.00

New Boxes:

Meiho Water Baby: Japanese box with a gasket. Inside there is a foam slit, slide in flies and then shut for a water tight lock. Olive box. Very cool. $16.50

Daiwa Gasket Box: Japanese box which has a clear green jelly sides, clear lids, gaskets and 3 separte compartments. Very cool. Looks like a Gelling commerical thing. The lids pop open to feature small compartments for flies. $13.50

Mike's Bobbin Case: I am going to keep selling these because they are so cool. Green Cordura, polar tech fleece linner, American Made with black zipper. Holds a crapload of SPOOLED bobbins. $12.00 Made by the guys that make rod tubes.

Mike's Hook Bowl: Stainless steel, machined, holds hooks, beads or use to hold epoxy. Unique and available only here at BCFT. $12 each, a few dented ones, very usable $9.00

Dyed Peacock Herl. Super big hit the past 2 weeks. I sold totally out ( more due in this week). 1/4 ounce pack. Dyed Ceruse, Lime, Black, Purple or Blue and Natural, Select herl about 3" long. $3.50 each.

White Turkey Rounds: I used to stock this, now back again. White turkey quills dyed. Use for salmon, wet flies or streamers and married wings. Colors: White, Black, Orange, Blue, Green, Yellow, Chartreuse. $2.50 each

Duck Quills; Don Bastion's favorite for wet flies. White duck dyed. Choose from white, black, yellow, orange, red. $1.25 each

Mustad 3399: This is the WET fly hook, which is almost impossible to find. Heavy hook with sproat bend, down eye. I have these hooks to make the Bergman style wet patterns. Great for soft hackles too! Sizes: 6-8-10-112-14, $6.50 each

Asian Kingfisher Pelts: Back again. Flo Blue pelts with wings, head, body and tail. Use for Chatter sub. $25.00

Krinkle Mirror Flash. Talk about your high bred stuff. Cross between Mirror Flash and Lateral scale materials. Ouch, this is loud! This is the popluar color swifting Mirror flash and each has an embossed surface to create a lateral scale effect. Very unusual. Pearl, Black, Blue, Lime, Orange, Purple $5.50 ( due in this week)

GSP thread. The strongest stuff for deer. Bits of Kevelar are spun into this thread making it almost impossible to break. $4.50 each. White or Black.

Wishbone Easy Thread Bobbin: This is the latest in bobbins, Head has a cut out for easy threading, no more messing with threaders. Just poke thread in and start tying, now stop that sucking! Stainless steel feet, American made. $15 each.

Ice Yarn: I love this. Braided, shredded mylar material. It is similar to the Glister or Master Brite dubbing. Split the fibers and use for wings, wrap as a body or comb out for layered extra hot steelie winged flies. Very cool. Purple, Tan, Olive, Orange, Dark Olive, Brown, Blue. Would be very cool as Caddis wings. I gave some to Harrison Steeves to try. Just remember you saw it here first. $2.50 each.

Fishy's Earl;y Cricket Bodies. Like the Fishy Fullum hoppers? I've got the bodies, latest from Bill Skilton. Cut out like Fishy's hopper. Yellow or Chartreuse. $2.50

Bill's Tiger Stripe Foam. Another hot one from Billy Skilton. This a layered foam has a stripe of orange, yellow or green sandwiched between 2 stripes of black. Very hot item last year was Blue Ribbons Tiger stripe beetle. Makes a bunch of flies. Yellow, Orange or Green stripe. $2.50 each.


Too cold for me to go fishing. Best to stay inside and watch football and tie flies. For those local customers, I usually home evenings now and should be home for most weekends the next few weeks as well. Call if you want to come out. Happy Holidays and Thanksgiving from Badger Creek.


As usual, if you wish to be deleted for any reason, let me know.


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