Wow! They Really Printed was an Editorial In Fly Tyer Magazine.

Is the Catskill Dry Fly Dead?

By Mike Hogue

The most recent issue of Fly Tyer magazine contains an article which basically asks is the Catskill Dry Fly Dead? After reading the story I have a few useful observations. Like most things made and designed by man, Catskill flies were designed to be used in a certain place during a certain period of time. Many designs reflect the technology, the tools, the materials and the designer's choices whenever something is created whether it is a car, computer or a fly.

Let's take a look at the Light Cahill. In the places which these were fished, the rivers are largely Freestone, which required a fly to be dressed heavily in order for it to float well. This fly solved several problems and it acted to define a series of other flies. If you look at the actual patterns, the original was more sparsely dressed ( than flies by today's standards ) and it had fine long tails and narrow wings. Today most often you see this fly with fat wings, stumpy tails and a ton of dubbing to make the fly appear fatter, shorter and over dressed. In other words things evolve and change over time.

Whereas, flies such as the Compara dun were created for totally different kinds of water reflecting a need to have fly which behaved very differently under completely different circumstances. Fishing the flat water of the Delaware is very different than the Beaverkill which Steenrod fished when he created the fly. In the early days of the river there were many small dams and lots of deep pools with lots of broken water, today the river is much more open, is wider and has a different character than it did. So while one pattern may have been effective, the place also changed requiring the tyers to change.

Morgan also talks about bin sales of fly shops. Trying to compare bins sales of flies at stores makes little or no sense, since hatches, sizes, colors and water conditions usually dictate the sorts of flies which are sold and used in a location or region. Much like me using a giant Michigan hex fly in the middle of our sulphur hatch it is almost impossible to compare the Catskill dry flies to AK Best's hackled flies. About all these flies really have in common is that they are used for trout fishing and they are tied on a hook.

I think what we should do is look instead at the context of where, when, how something is used. Consider this: One really hot fly out west last season was called the DOA Royal Wulff. It basically is a royal with a soft poly wing which isn't divided, the wing is doubled over and the rear half is clipped short, creating an emerger wing. The tail is antron. So what we are doing here is updating a classic by using contemporary materials.

Is the Catskill dry dead? Hell no! I caught 10-15 fish during a recent hatch in 3 hour period using one of these antique gems. I tried more "modern" flies and the fish didn't take any of them. Using the same sort of logic as Mr. Lyle these must have been really old fish, right?


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