Opening Day 2005

By Mike Hogue


Opening day of fishing season is for some almost a national holiday. Since I grew up in a state that lacked an offical opening day, I never really learned to appreicate the fullness of the experience. While a fair number of folks like to gather, get together or travel to places that are familar or favorite holes, I generally prefer a little solidtude and often have just sneak away to few quite spots that are near and mostly not too tough to fish.

With a new fishing season brings a ray of sunshine that the relief that winter is finally over and that maybe spring really is just around the corner. Myself, I am totally sick of winter this year. The endless snow, cold and such, maybe it is just old age or the fact that I had to run the snowblower 4 times one week, but the fact is I wish the sun would shine and I wish I could take off all these thick clothes and wear something that lets my toes breathe. Well I guess you all get the idea.

Getting ready for the season does involve more than just the giddy glad tidings of a kid running downstairs on Christmas day to see all the stuff Santa brought. Some of this will help you, I hope. Let's talk about getting organized. First off, clutter. Gees we accumculate some stuff. Dust some of it off. Look through your vests and pack and pare some this down. For instance, if you fish midges alot, what is a size 2/3 deciever doing in your box? Or vise versa: if fish large flies like pike bugs, what is a #10 muddler doing in your stuff?

Try grouping flies. Next try sorting them into likes. I often have a large Plano type tray I keep a stock of flies in, I arrange by salmon, trout, bass and I keep the tray in a large plastic box in my truck. Inside the box are spare reels, tippets, dry socks, extra gloves , split shot and so-on. I also sort through this and remove any stuff that is just taking up space. In otherwords, I have a general fishing box and then I sort and add stuff to that.

Next up clean the flyline. You can buy all kinds of stuff to clean a line. Ed Powell gave me this one many moons ago and I will pass it on. Ivory soap. I get the liquid clear hand soap in a clear bottle. Spray a dab into a towel and pull through. That's it. Cleans all, cheap and very available.

Straighten a flyline...... if you have a line that is spooled and has been, pull off the first half of it. Straighten it by wrapping the tippet around a tree and pull or have a friend hold the end and pull. Eventually, you will pull the coils out. If it has coils, it will cast like a cork screw.

Check your boots/waders..... do they fit? Dah! If they were snug last year , this season I am sure that the extra Christmas cookies you eat haven't helped. Try them on, check for leaks and also check to see the straps are in working order. Maybe it is time for a new belt or suspenders.

Next up tippets and leaders. An rule of thumb is you should ditch the tippets each season. I am not so sure about this one, although I do know that UV light, heat and sunlight all take their toll. If you burned through a ton of 3x flurocarbon look at getting a larger spool. In any case check the quality and amount of material you have.

Well that should get you started.


THE "Store" is open and fully stocked! I stock around 350 dozen different fly patterns. I am also a dealer for Heritage rods, Dan Bailey waders, Clear Creek Vests and Packs, William Joesph tackle bags, March Brown Rods, Okuma reels, SA fly lines, Hodgman, loads of books and yes I have fly tying materials. I also have tippet, clippers, leaders, lead free shot and floatant and many more things.

Store hours: I don't keep regular hours as most of you know, I have a "real" job. I am open when I am home, which means I have a 45 second commute from my back door to the store. I usually am here first thing in the morning or late afternoon depending on my schedule.

I always return calls, I check my messages and try to call back either same day or first part of the next day. I check emails every day and answer all reasonable questions. If you are coming from out of town, I suggest that you call before stopping to be sure I am home when you want to stop, I would hate to have you come by when I am gone.


New Stuff:


Wow! These are cool! March Brown Travel Fly Rods: I put up a complete list of these outstanding rods, my first shippment is due in 2 weeks. I hve some demo rods in the store. These are fantastic rods at an awesome price:


Exotic wood reel seat w/Gunsmoke aluminum hardware

Superior chrome single foot guides, Premium grade A cork handle

Flat black rod blank with a cool holographic label

FREE: Extremely rugged packing tube with carry handle, strap and name card holder.

"No Excuse Necessary" LIFETIME GUARANTEED"*.


Length Weight Pieces

6'6" / 5'6" *Convertible 3 weight 7 piece : $210

7'0" / 6'0" *Convertible 4 weight 7 piece $210

9'0" 3, 4,5,6,,7,8,9, 10 weights 7 piece rods ( each is an individual rod) : $210

*Convertible Travel Fly Rods: With the Convertable rods you can remove section 2 so that section 3 and the butt section can come together and decrease the overall length of the rod by 12"! Perfect for the most in-tight and dense fishing environments. Great for spring fishing or tiny PA chalk streams.

Badger Creek's Rod Deal: As most of you know, I love making this thing the best possible deal for you! Buy any March Brown Hidden Waters Rod through Badger Creek and get a free dozen flies of your choice. Buy any March Brown Hidden Waters Rod, reel and fly line and take $30 off PLUS great a free dozen flies!!!!!

For more info click on this page:


Clear Creek Packs: These are very nice, well made packs and offer a very good value. Ideal for an extra pack or as way to sort out tackle. I often have a bag for bass fishing, trout and salmon. All are burnished copper and very attractive and comfortable.

The Bailey's Ford Pack: The Bailey's Ford is a Lightweight 210 denier nylon water resistant pack desgined to carry all of your gear. This pack features 10 pockets for storing a large number of your favorite fly fishing goodies. $46.00

The Grannis Hip Pack: Along time favorite is back with a new redesigned look and color. This pack will 4 medium fly boxes or 2 extra large boxes. There is a side bottle holder and tippet dispensers in the front. $36.00

The Paint Creek Chest Pack: The Paint Creek is light weight smaller chest pack with a large fold down type tray made of ripple fly foam. There is a large front zipper pocket to hold boxes and a smaller mesh pocket for tippets and leaders.

Price: $28.00

Twin Springs Hip Pack: The Twin Springs has 2 large compartments to hold a mulitude of boxes and gear. The side has 2 adjustable pockets to hold drink bottles. Price: $40.00

For more info Click here:


New Stuff:

Targus Faux Fix: This is a very cool craft hair. Comes as a frosted material and is very unusual. Olive/Black, Tiger Orange/Black, Frosted Black/White, Olive/Brown/Black or White; $3.00

Terra Mult Mylar Packs: sheets of mylar material. Use for scuds, shrimp, prawns, flashbacks,scuds. Super industrial pack size with 6 colors: Green, hot Orange, blue, pink, pearl, pale orange. All are pearlized and have a texture to them. $6.50 for the pack.

Badger Creek's Pheasant rooster spey patch: looking for the stuff at the end of the tail? This is it! Use for spey flies and such. Large clump of the super long stuff. $2.50

Billy Skiltons Dble Layer Chernobly Ant Bodies: 2 layar foam stamped out. Pack of ten. Yellow/back, tan/brown, cinnamnon/black. black/orange. $1.50 each

Montana Fly Co. Legs on a stick. Pre made hopper legs, knotted and left on the the stick. Use for hoppers, daddies, craneflies. Clip bunch off pheas stick and tie on. $4.50/ natural only

MFC Henry's Fork Hackle: Very cool CDC dubbing ropes. Made with real CDC twisted into a dubbing rope. Great for parachutes, or wrap as hackle. Med dun or grizzly. $4.50/each

#2 cock pheasant rooster/full pelt. Great pelt, with head, tail, wings, body. Unlimited uses. Use the back for sparrows, tail for pheas tail nymphs, wings make dandy march brown wets. $6.00

Wild bird sale: Americna huns or ruffed grouse. Awesome 2 for sale. The ruffed grouse are prime Maine pelts and very nice. Get a hun and a ruffed grouse for $15 each or get one of each fcor $25!!! Unlimited use for soft hackles, boat of load of feathers.

Ruffed grouse wings or tails: get one of each for $4.50 each. Use the wings for wets, tails are hot ticket for bradcrust nymphs.

Twiston Linesinkers: ( Note: in New York state, this is will be considered a fly tying material and should not be use as a lead sinker, and as such it is NOT banned.) Large flat lead strips, looks like a book of paper matches. Rip one off and use. Ideal for making wide stonefly bodies. Pack: $2.00

Guinea Hen Quills: I searched around the planet and found these. Matched pairs. Use for Ray Bergman/Don Bastion wet flies. Matched quills. $2.50/pair

Whiting Saltwater Cree Saddles: These are wide, webby and have round tips. Ideal for making matukas, whitlock scuplins and such. Also use for making crabs or crawdads. $12

Whiting Mystery Grab Bag: Rumor has it that Steven Schweitzer ( former Global Fly Fisher web head and now Marketing mgr for Whiting) got the brain child for this product after sweeping the floors of Whiting for free hackle. Just kidding! These are left overs of product and small pieces that are packaged. Contains a bit of each in a gallon bag. Has dry saddle hackle, tailing materials, streamer product. Sort of a one size fits all hackle, mystery as to what is in it. $9.00


New Tools:

Terra Wing Burners: use for making realistic flies. Brass shaped like various kinds of wings. Choose from stonefly, mayfly, caddis. $9.00 /set/kind

Terra Bead Tweasers: Locking bead tweasers. Use to grab beads. Similar to bead nabbers. $8.00 for set of 2.

Terra Fine tip Tweaser: At your request I added these. Extreme fine tip with long handles. Use for making Ray Bergman/Don Bastion wet flies. $2.50 a pair.

Eye Painting Tool: This is Terra's newest tool. Machine aluminum. Dip end into paint to paint the back and iris of the eyes. Double ended with a large dot and a fine point. $2.50

Wasatch Tool Lanyard: Big hit at the winter shows. This is a orange/brown braided rappeling rope with a 40 lb break away strength. Has strung beads, snap locks to hold 5 tools around your neck. Ideal for boating, kick boats, belly boats or surf fishing. $20. for a limited time buy the lanyard and get a free Terra midge fly box and a Wasatch Nail knot tool.

River Road Creations STP Frog Set: Set of three foam stampers frog shaped. In recent issue of Fly Fisherman, you saw this pattern. Hot frog shapes you stamp out of foam. Makes double layer foam frogs/in 2 tones. Mkes size 2,4 and 10 frogs. $38.50 set of 3.


Last Call for Shows:

The Catskill Fly Tyer's Guild Fly Tyer's Rendezvous, April 16, Rockland House, Roscoe, NY, 10-3pm. This is the 4th year for this great event. Tyers from across the NE will gather for a one day event that is free and open to the public. Over 40 tyers expected to come, we will have a mix of the known, unknown and unexpected tyers present at this show. TOTALLY FREE!

Badger Creek Open House: May 7th, 2005, 9-3pm. Our second annual event. Great fun! Fly Tying Demos by Fishy Fullum and Local Finger Lakes Fly Fishing Guru, Joe Cambridge. Free rod casting clinc by FFF certified instructor, Free food and a special promotion with March Brown Rods with a drawing for a free rod. Come out for a great day!!!!


For more Info Contact:

Mike Hogue / Badger Creek Fly Tying / 622 West Dryden Road, Freeville, NY 13068

Phone: 607-347-4946