Tying and Fishing Some Fall Streamer Patterns

By Mike Hogue

Fall offers some really good fishing. Often fish will be more aggressive and feeding more actively or they will be spawning. These offer some great chances to catch nice fish which weren't always available at other times of the year. Lots of times I fish fall colored flies with which I have had great success. Why this works is beyond me, maybe it is just that the fish get confused and strike them. Then again maybe it is that I think I'll catch a nice fish and I do.

I like to fish streamers in the fall and a few of these do pretty well. I have caught nice smallmouth, largemouth and brown trout fishing these. Most of the time your best luck is in fishing these during mid day on the warmest part of the day. I like to fish at right angles pointing down stream. I cast down and pull it back toward me. I usually catch fish on the swing when the line starts to curve and straighten out. When it pauses or stalls, give it a small jerk, tip the rod tip up and this will often animate it right in front of a fish. Lots of times they will chase the fly or strike it to make it stop. I have found this to work really well on spawning browns.

I will toss out a few patterns which I have never have published any place before. These are a couple of streamers for you to make. These are stacked wing marabou streamers which as far as I know is something I came up with. This is a whole lot easier than messing with married wings which I can't do anyway. I figure if I can't make it in at least 10 minutes, I am better off not making it.

Fire Tail Marabou

The fire tail marabou is a both a style of a fly and a specific fly which I have had good luck with. The basic body you can add to any streamer and I think it dresses the fly up a bit. Try the fire tail on dace patterns and bucktails!

Hook: 9674 Mustad size 4-8

Thread: Red 6/0 ( for something really cool try fire flo orange too!) , Black 6/0

Tail: Red Holo flashabou under, fine mylar tubing teased out

Body: Fine Mylar gold tubing

Wing: Blood strung marabou stacked Black over hot orange, lime and yellow

Tying the Fly

To tie the fire tail, cut 10 strands of Flashabou and tie in. Clip short with the under tail being about 1/4" long or about 4 eye lengths, if the tail is too long it will twist and fowl the hook. Cut thread. Remove tubing string core. Tease out tubing and slide over hook. Rewrap thread forming a small band above the hook barb. Make 10 wraps and whip finish. Basically what you are doing is making a collar on the back of the hook. The tail should be 2 toned with the Flashabou below the teased out tubing.

Pull the tubing forward and flatten out. Remove any bows, wows or anything that resembles a dog ready to bear a litter of pups by rubbing with your finger nail or thumb. Start thread near eye, leaving 2- 3 eye lengths open. Pull tubing tight and clip off teased ends. Select marabou feathers which have NO STEMS and even tips from a bunch. If you do this wrong it will wreck the action of the fly. Wet your fingers and stroke each feather. I reduce each feather and tie in about 1/3 of the feather by tearing off segments of it.

Tie in light colors and stack. The wing should extend to the tips of the tail. I make one or 2 hard wraps and tie in the next bunch. When the wing is done, I use one of my wire clippers and cut the wing tight to the wraps of the thread at 45 degrees. Form a small head. Whip finish. If you like add a small collar of red or flo red thread. I use finger nail polish for a gloss head.

Mike's Ozark Streamer

This is a fly my Dad always liked. When we fished together and he asked me for flies, he always said," Give me one of those big yellow, things, you know something I can see." If he'd catch a fish and break off the fly he'd run up to the fly shop and buy a few more. Many of these were nothing more than marabou twisted on to the hook, which I thought look pretty bad.

I usually anticipated this and after a few such outings, I started keeping some of these for Dad. If you add enough goop and dressing to the fly this one will float and it sort of looks like a naval fleet when it drifts down stream. Actually, I fish this mostly down and across. I toss this at right angles to the stream and jerk it back up stream. I had pretty good luck with this one on the White River in Arkansas.

Hook: 9672 Mustad size 6 or 8

Thread: Red 6/0 ( for something really cool try fire flo orange too!) , Black 6/0

Tail: Red hackle fibers

Body: Flo Yellow Rabbit dubbed, rear 2/3 thirds, black rabbit front 1/3

Rib: Med Gold flat tinsel

Wing: Blood strung marabou stacked Black over yellow

Tie in a short tail, about 1/3 of the length of the hooks shank using 10-20 fibers, if you are in a pinch you can use red wool or red flashabou. Tie in rib, dub body using yellow for the rear 2/3 of the hook. Wrap rib in even wraps, making about 5-7 turns. Tie off rib. Dub front section leaving about 2-3 eye lengths open. Form wing as above using Black over yellow. Clip, form head and cut off.


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Fishing Report: The salmon have started to come in again with the change in weather and some more rains. Some lakers are being caught off on the west side of the Cayuga lake tribs. Fall Creek, the inlet and Salmon Creek near Myer's Point are all good bets. If it is cold out, try fishing in the middle of the day when it warms on overcast days.

At Pulaski, the salmon run should be slowing up soon with steelhead coming in pretty soon. Be sure to check any stream to see if the season is open. Technically, the season is closed as of 10/15/01 here, although the trib streams of most lakes are open up to a barrier such as a dam or falls through the end of December. Streams like the Beaverkill and Delaware are open all year to no kill. Look in the NYS DEC fishing guide for more info.

As usual if you want to be deleted from this list for any reason, let me know. Also let me know how you enjoyed this! Contact: Mike Hogue, Badger Creek Fly Tying, 1408 Hanshaw Road, Ithaca, NY 14850. 607-266-0736. Email: Mike@eflytyer.com, Web Site: www.eflytyer.com