Getting Flooded.

By Mike Hogue

In each newsletter I usually write about some events, a tying pattern or some other items of interest. This month I thought I would let everyone catch up with me on the latest gossip. As some of you know I was flooded last week. I had a "new" pond outside my door which was more or less 6 foot deep. Eventually, the water decided to come in the house and we had about 2 foot inside at the highest point.

When I first looked out the window and saw a wall of water overflowing the roadside and heading for our house, I ran downstairs and started hauling stuff upstairs as quick as I could. I managed to move most of all the inventory and the display and all of the items which were shall we say below sea level. What was exciting was I made front page of the Ithaca Journal and the Cortland Radio station. At one time as many as 10 firefighters from the Cayuga Heights Fire Department was present to lend a helping hand. Alright Firepeople, you are my heroes!

I managed to locate a pump which could move about 25,000 gallons an hour and after 3 hours the lake was drained. Do the Math! That's about 75 K! Yowser! Unfortunately there weren't any nice salmon at the bottom of the pond. Throughout this my wife, Laura managed to remain calm, reserved and kept a good head.

I have located a dry temp home in a security self storage unit and I more than happy to keep mailing out stuff and I will be happy to give you a free guided tour of my new business home. That is the latest on the bad news........

The really great news is Laura and I bought an 1824 farm house and we will be moving shortly. The house is restored inside and is a real gem. It has exposed beams and is a real charmer. Laura and I are sprucing up the inside, doing some kitchen work and trying to catch up on some maintance the prior owners didn't do. We will be restoring the barn that came with the house. Eventually, I will have an office and small store in the barn. When we get completed, it will be a very unique place, with lots of charm and character. It will be about 3 miles from our old place in Ithaca, I hope to be done by 6/15. What totally sucks is that we are about 1 mile to upper Fall Creek and some trout fishing. Gees we are going to hate this. Thanks to all those concerned and we appreciate all of your interest!

After 6/1 our new address will be:

622 West Dryden Road, Freeville, NY, 13068. The business phone will remain the same, 607-266-0736 and the web and email addresses will also remain the same.


Spring Hackle Sale and Price Reductions:

I have located some great items for a spring hackle sale. These are anywhere from 20-40% off retail prices! All items are top quality and are items which almost any tier can use. None of this stuff was wrecked in the flood and all is first rate and top quality.

WOW! This is a Great Price! Metz Grade 3 Brown Necks: I got a super buy on these dry fly necks! Use these to make Adams, for Ants, Elk Hair Caddis and loads of other flies. Each neck will tie 8-20 ( Maybe even 22-24!). Buy 2 and stock up for the year. Brown only, Grade 3 only. Hurry Limited Supply ! WAS $29.50, NOW $17.50. I found some more so the sale goes on!

Coq-De-Leon Saddles:

Bronze: These saddles contain all sorts of interesting hackle. The fibers are very long and stiff, while each feather is some what short. Each feather will make tails for at least 3-4 flies!. Feathers are speckled with dark centers.Very Beautiful!: $10.00.......Outstanding Value for a full saddle! Colors: Lt Pardo, Med Pardo. Silver Badger, Dun or Ginger.

Whiting Silver Grade /14 Saddle Patch: These are sized 14 and less, most tie size 14-16. These are normally $21.50, NOW $ $15.50 until gone!

Whiting Streamer Packs: New lower price. I dropped the price on these. Ideal for streamer wings, bass hackle. Choose from Grizzly, Badger, White, Chartreuse, Orange, Black and Badger Dyed Olive. WAS $9 each, NOW $7.50.

Whiting Tailing Packs: These are Coq- De-Leon packs of tailing material. Useful for spinner wings, compara duns, tails or use a skater. Check out the latest in the UK mag Fly Fishing and Fly Tying for more patterns. Choose from Natural Brown, Dun, Lt Pardo, Medium Pardo, Dark Pardo, Black, Ginger. WAS $9.00, NOW $7.50 a pack


Soft Hackle Skins:

Sharptail Grouse Skins: These are number 2's Montana skins, with no wings. Mostly body. Ideal for making caddis wings, use for large nymphs or make some interesting matukas with them. White/Yellow/Tan mix of feathers. $6.00 or 2 for $10.00


Bill Skilton has done it again. Lots of new materials which are available only from Badger Creek Fly Tying.

Bills' Foil Foam: This is a product which I helped Bill with. This is the new Black Strechy foam which backed with mylar foil. All the foils are embossed to create a very unusual effect. Very Cool stuff and very unusual. Use this for metallic beetles, bugs and all sorts of terrestial flies. Colors are Peack Green, Teal Blue, Iridescent Green, Copper. $2.50 each

Plastic Metallic Yarn: This is some very nice stuff. Flat braid in metallic colors. Wind as a body or use for zonkers, or use on rattle flies. You can also tease out the material to create a nice wing. I like using these for giant nymph cases.......stay tuned for more info. I will eventually tell you how to make my salmon catching copper top nymph. Colors: Black, Gold, Pearl, Bronze, Silver, Copper. $1.50 each. Also just in Peacock and Pewter.

Bill's Wooly Bugger Hackle: This is a sythetic sub for hackle. It is a plastic material which has a texturized rubber feel to it. About 3 times longer than conventional hackle and very sparse. Use for spey flies or as a wooly hackle. Colors: Black Chartreuse, White, Golden Brown, Olive. $1.50


I found some more!!!!!!!!!! Yes!!!!!!!!!!! Mike's Chaos Hopper Foam: This is the exact color and type of foam I use for making the Chaos Hopper. This is great stuff and the perfect burnt orange and is available from NO OTHER source than me. ( More or less 3" x 6". ). $1.50