British Columbia Fly Fishing
by Mike Hogue

I just got back from a vacation with my wife so I thought it might be fun to describe and tell you about a few places I went to and some of the differences in the fishing. I will also tell you about a few tips I picked up from my trip that might be really useful to other fly fishers.

My wife got a summer job teaching at University of British Columbia as a visting professor at Green College in Vancouver. Green College is an endowed college of UBC that was funded by Cecil Green, one of the primary founders of Texas Instruments of Dallas, TX. Laura was invited to come give a graduate class this past spring. We stayed at the college which had a small apartment for visiting professors and scholars. People from all over the world have been at this school offering classes, seminars and talks of all sorts of topics from sciences, humanities and engineering.

UBC is high on the beach on a point above a Pacific Bay sound. Ships travel from all over the world to this port. Consumer goods are off loaded in the bay and raw materials like logs, lumber, grain, coal and such are on loaded onto cargo ships. Being from the Midwest originally, I was fasicinated in how goods arrived and how many raw materials are shipped out. Logging is a big business here and many trees are cut and floated down the river into the bay as they have been doing since the area was settled in the 1800's. In the bay you see lots of logs waiting to be loaded into the ships.

Vancouver is largely a rain forrest type area like the Oregon and Washington coastal areas. I walked in and around several forrests and along the beach. The beaches are very rocky with steep bluffs. A large number of the beaches have large logs along them which are used to control erriosion and to protect the bluffs. The forrests in the area have some old growth timber which is quite large. A lot of the woods contain large amounts of cedar, pine, maple and birch. The area is quite beautiful with many types of flowers I had never seen before.

One of my favorite trips was a trip to Granville Island. This is a market area which has food from all over the world in an open market type that is enclosed under one roof. It is sort of like a giant grocery store placed in a mall. Each booth offers everything to eat that you can imagine. I had fresh baked goods, some Asian lunch, British Pastry and candy from Germany. The fruit was really nice with fresh fruit from Thailand and Asia.

Many of the shops were very unique. I saw an East Indian store which sold clothes and all sorts of stuff. I shopped for Native Crafts and I found some original native wood carvings of salmon in the Northwest Coastal style made by local artists. I also found a belt with Native salmon designs on it along with a few shirts and caps. Granville Island is unlike any place we have in the US and it is very unique. By far one of the most interesting store I saw was a store which sold Russian Communist goods.....very strange. T shirts with Lennin and such. The window had designer surgical masks on the models to wear to protect folks from SARS.

One thing I enjoyed visting was the Vancouver Sport Fishing Museum. They had displays of rods, reels and fly plates from many fly tyers all from all over the world. I saw flies from many East Coast tyers. By far the most interesting plate was from James Lessering that was originally from PA. He is the author of a wet fly book and is largely known for his soft hackles. That was a surprise to see his flies in such a long distance away. I also saw a plate of Jack Gartside flies with a picture of a young Jack. I did get a chance to see a fly box from Rodney Haig Brown, he lived across the bay from Vancouver on the Campbell River which is largely known for steelhead.

I had a chance to visit the Capilano fish hatchery which raises salmon and releases them into the river. Each year some 600,000 salmon are raised and released. I saw the whole process of how salmon are grown after they capture the adults. I also spent some time at the Vancouver Aquarium which has a large display of ocean based steelhead, coho and salmon. Really nice big, fat fish. I saw some really cool jelly fish, sea otters and beluga whales too. The staff had to wash the windows behind me from licking the glass while looking at the giantic fish.

I did some fishing too. While the weather was pretty good, we didn't have the greatest fishing. I fished the Veeder River and part of the Chilliwack which are tribs to the Fraser River. The Fraser itself is a giant river that is more or less like the Missippippi or the Sesquahanna. It is very wide, with a big valley. The Chilliwack has parts of it which are white water and very swift. The rocks are very large and the current is pretty fast. Part of the Chilliwack has white water kayaking and has a course on it used by the Olympic team to train. The Veeder was a bit easier to fish and we caught some steelhead on dry flies in a side channel. Over the river valley we got to see Osprey and Golden Eagles. Most folks wouldn't try a dry for steelhead but that was a very effective method. I cast large stimulators against the bank and it we caught a fair number of fish, although most were smallish.

We also fished Caltus Lake which was still pretty cold. 2 weeks before we got there they still had some snow. We got some freezing rain while we were camping and it snowed in the higher parts of the mountains. I saw some Dolly Vardon in mouth of a creek that was in the lake. I cast the kitchen sink but no luck. I fished a mountain lake which was very beautiful. We drove about 10 miles off the road on a logging road to Foley Lake. It was still very cold so the fishing was slow.

The coolest place we went to was Douglas Lake Ranch. This is an active cattle ranch on 500,000 acres about 60 miles from Kamloops. This area is known for the Kamloops rainbows which are large, hard fighting and very colorful. Douglas Lake Ranch is about 40 miles from the nearest town. You drive off the highway high into the mountains and travel for along time before you get to the beginning of the ranch. This ranch was most recently owned by Bernie Ebbers that was CEO of World Com that went down the tubes. The ranch is still operating. In the past folks like Brian Chan, Skip Morris have used some of this area for books and videos. The ranch has also been used in films, movies and videos since it doesn't have lights, buildings and such. It reminded us of parts of Yellowstone and Montana. Don't worry we didn't come in contact with any cattle to bring home Mad Cow.

The ranch has a campground, lodges and a small general store. There are several lakes to fish and while some are private, some are available to anyone camping. We fished Salmon Lake Resort and Little Sabin Lake which is private. Several of the lakes only allow a fixed number of people on them to reduce fishing pressure. For Little Sabin we drove about 15 miles from the camp and then drove on a cattle road about 3 miles to the lake. Very remote and it wasn't expensive at all. Camping was $15 and the lake fee was $60 Canadian which is about $45 US.

We used float tubes and tried a variety of things. Most of the flies used are leeches, scuds, midges and damsels or dragons. One of the things which was effective for some of the folks fly fishing was dead drifting chironomids or midges. Usually when we think of this, we are thinking tiny like 20 and below. I fished mostly 12-14. Pretty simple actually, just throw out the line and make tiny little strips in. I broke off 2 fish doing this. Laura cast out a black beady eyed leech, made small strips and caught about 6 fish with the biggest coming in at 19".

The Kamloops trout looked like a steelhead with a silver body and bright rainbow stripes. I of course tried the same technique and got skunked. One popular method to troll is to cast out about 90 feet of line and start kicking across the lake. This method didn't work for me , but it might be worth a shot the next time out. I am going to remember this when we head out to fish some mountain lakes this summer.

For more info on the Douglas Lake Ranch try:

For a great page of BC flies go to:

This also has some info on Vancouver. It is a very useful page and has flies by some of BC's best tyers. Even if you never go to BC this should give some ideas for any sort of lake fishing whether it is bass, bluegills or even crappie.

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Trout Country Flies by Bruce Staples Fly patterns which originated in the golden triangle of Idaho, Wyoming and Montana are some of the most famous patterns we use. This book includes info on history, origins and pictures of the original flies along with how the fly was tied. This is an excellent book. Highly recommended! $29.95

Fishing Report: I got some info from a few places. Catskills are hot now. Sulphers are just starting. Hendricksons mostly over with. A few Green Drakes. East Branch and West Branch of Delaware are both wadable and running at a nice clip. Neversink is a good bet, Esopus is dirty and fast. Beverkill and Willoweemoc are in great shape. Hit the strech by the Museum for a change and cast from the shore near the pond out toward the road.

Local streams are good. Try fishing Cortland streams or head to Richford and try the Owego streams. Bass fishing starts 6/15. I would try crawdads, Clouser minnows and streamers. Some big smallies may still be hanging around trib streams of Cayuga Lake. I would try Fall Creek and Salmon Creek in the lower streches along Myer's Park.

As usual if you want to be deleted from this list for any reason, let me know. Hope you enjoyed this! Contact: Mike Hogue, Badger Creek Fly Tying, 622 West Dryden Road, Freeville, NY 13068. 607-347-4946. Email:, Web Site:

See you soon! Mike


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