Fly Fishing in Hot Weather
By Mike Hogue

Summer is upon us and the weather has warmed up. A good many people stop fishing at this time of the year which always seems strange to me. Historically, in the Castkills, the fishing season was only April-May-June. The other months of the summer the water was too warm and so folks stopped fishing. There are some good reasons for doing this. Water temps at 70 degrees and above can be letal to trout if the fish are played to exhaustion. Out of respect for the fish, many people just stop fishing certain rivers.

I will give you some summer tips you can use this summer to keep fishing all summer long.

One of the best tips I have is fish early or fish late. The best time to fish is often early in the morning or late into the evening. The main part of the day between 10-3 is usually too hot. If you are not an early riser, sleep in and play to fish from 4-10 pm. If you like to get up early plan your fishing so that you are out on the stream at the early part of the day. If you want to maximize a day, get early fish until 10, go take a nap, eat some lunch, tie some flies and go out again in the afternoon.

Next tip I have: Head West! In some mountain areas of the rocky mountains, a fair amount of the snow is still on the mountains until late June. Some of these streams have snow run off and they are really not fishable until June. There are lots of states and places to go, so if you have some time off plan a trip to Western Mountain states like Colorado, Utah, Idaho or Montana. You can also plan a trip to such that you could take in the Federation of Fly Fisher's National Conclave which is Idaho in August this year.

Switch species. One friend of mine refused to " have his tackle corrupted by fishing in those filthy lakes". This maybe the dumbest thing that anyone has ever told me! This same person then complained that he had to travel 4 hours to trout fish! Bass love warm weather and warm water. A fair number of smallmouth rivers rarely if ever see much pressure. These rivers can be fun, enjoyable and close by. I have had as much or more fun fishing small streams for bass. Lakes are also fun to fish. Deep water and large lakes are hard to often hard to fish for bass in. I start early and I fish late. I also switch over and fish smaller lakes or ponds. If I fish large lakes, I fish coves, bays and docks.

Seek out cold water. This sounds rather silly. Tailwaters are rivers which have a dam in them. The water that comes out of the bottom of the dam is usually really cold. Rivers like the Delaware fish well all summer long. If a stream has a water fall or it has lots of broken rock, this creates lots of oxygen and cold water which makes a great place to fish. I often hike in gorge canyons and fish lots of stair step types of falls. Fish are in everyone of these spots with little or no pressure at all! Look for deep holes with springs. Many of these places are holding spots for nice fat fish. I don't recommend that you fish a thermal refuge. These are places in freestone rivers where fish hold to get out of the heat. I recommend that you stop fishing these areas. Fish are hurting and trying to survive, give them a break.

Go higher up or head north. Higher elevations are sometimes ideal places to fish. These have lots of springs, broken rock and the streams are shaded from the heat. These can be nice cool places that hold fish and have ideal habbitat. Sometimes going further north can be a good choice. In New York for example, the northern Adirondacks are colder and several weeks behind the other upstate streams. By going North, these streams may actually be fishing better.

Fish Spring Creeks: A fair number of creeks are spring feed, these creeks remain cold and and have a fairly consistant tempature all season long. PA is famous for many of these streams, but New York does have it's fair share of spring creeks also, as does much of the Northeast. Check with local DEC or DNR folks or guide books for spring creeks.

Try Saltwater Fishing; Some of my friends from New Jersey are crazy about stripers. These are powerful fish and big brutes. Some of the best fishing of the year occurs when these fish start to move. My friends tell me that they have great fishing all summer long up and down the beach. This isn't expensive, they mostly don't use boats and fish from the beach. While I am not a saltwater type the pictures I have seen of this fish, encourages me to consider this as another choice.

No Bugs? Try Terrestials: Sounds simple but mayflies are not the only top water fly around. I switch over to beetle-hopper-ants when the weather warms, these can be just as hot for top water fishing as mayflies and caddis. Try crickets! I love fishing these and nothing feeds trout better than a tasty morsal like a cricket or a hopper. If it has been dry these bugs are everywhere. On small waters I shrink the size and fish Latort hoppers or my Chaos hopper.

How about this one? Fish rivers that hold salmon: One of the most popular rivers in New York is totally isolated in the summer. Salmon River gets crowds from Mid Sept to Oct. The rest of the year, no is there. I do know that Salmon River does what they call a pulse for river kayakers. They up the CFS to 750 for boating for a few days and it is on a planned schedule! Dah! Go after the boaters leave and after they pulse. This is a fish magnet and brings in steelhead, browns and rainbows. I'll be there one day fishing after these planned events. be sure to check regs as some spots are closed for the season.


5 cards of Chenille for $5!: I have a ton of chenilles. These are bulk that I do at fishing shows. My choice of colors, although most are scuplin-wooly bugger colors.

Grizzly Salwater Necks: Great for decievers or use a bass bug tails and collars. Normally these are $18 each , NOW 2 for $18! I must be nuts!

Bag O Bucktail: Pieces of bucktails in mixed colors. Use for Klouser minnows or buck tail streams. $4.00

Bag O Hair. Mix of deer, elk, moose pieces. Natural colors only. Great buy has at least 4 full size patches. Use for muddlers, elk hair or wulffs. $4.00

Grade 3 Guinea Hen Skins: natural dun or natural purple skins. These are ideal for small speys and salmon flies. Very rare, wings are hurting, but the body hackles are very nice. Purple: $8.50, Dun: $10.00

WOW! Dozen Wires & Tinsels: I found some old Indian tinsels and you
save. Metallic flat and embossed tinsels, wire. 12 mixed colors Price:


Still looking for a home:

Hodgman Nylon Waders, Stocking Foot, Sizes S, NO LEAKS, $35

Cablea's Canvas Wading Soes with Rubber Soles, ( Ideal for dirt, wet
wading and the River), Size 8: $25.00

Streamline Nylon and Rubber Shorty Raincoat, Tan , Size M, $25.00

Hodgman Lakestream IV, Stocking Foot Waders, 5mm Neoprene, Size M. Ideal
for steelheading or salmon fishing. Good shape, no leaks, some patches.
Lots of life left. $35

Scientific Angler System One 4-5-6 reel. This is a tank of a reel, it
won't die. Prawl and spring with adjustable drag. Counter balance with
palming rim. 3 extra spools included. WAS $45. NOW $35! Some spools have backing some
don't. Spools were $25 each originally. Great for back-ups, sinking tips
or as an additional outfit.

Summer Hopper-Ant Fly Speicals. Too lazy to tie your own? I'll save you some time. I have some nice pre-tyed ants and hoppers. My choice, I promise to send some nice flies like LaTorts, Carpenter Ants, Whitlock hoppers plus a few of the giant size club sandwich flies. One dozen normally $10. Buy one dozen get two free flies. $10 for 14. What a deal!

New Stuff: I got some Canadian stuff in Eh!

Black Canadian Squirrels. I saw these roaming the trees around Vancouver and found a few of their friends skinned and tanned at one of my favorite road kill emporiums. Very rare and Really hard to find. Tanned natural black squirrels. Fur is a mix of dark dun, brown flecks and black. Soft tanned. Full pelts only. $19.50

Natural Black Canadian Squirrels Tails: tails for the above. Similar to bear but not as stiff. Long black natural fibers. $2.50.

Canadian Mohair Yarn. The original stuff! Use for mohair leeches. Laura caught a 19' Kamloops rainbow on these. Colors: Blood, brown, Specurumized brown, pond olive. $2.50 ( Cheaper than the price of one leech at Doulgas Lake Ranch! )

Fun with Foam: Summer patterns that are easy to make using this stuff.

Jumbo Size Double Layer, Tapared Iridescent Chernobyl Bodies. This is a double deck of foam, cut in a taper with a foil back. Easy to make. Lay down some chenille and tie on some legs that is about it. Colors: Black/ Tan, Black/ Yellow, Brown/Green, Black/Green. 12 per pack. $3.25

Jumbo Size Triple Decker Bodies. Triple layers of foam. Triple sandwich bodies pre-made, tapered. Colors: Black/Brown/Tan, Black/Brown/ Yellow, Brown/Green/Olive, Black/Green/Olive. $3.00/6

Circle Strike Indicator: Small shapes used as an indicator when tied in above legs. Large Orange Rectangle or Orange Circle $1.50

Cherynobly Small Double Layer Round Bodies: Oval shape, ideal for bluegills. Black/ Tan, Black/ Yellow, Brown/Green, Black/Green, Chartreuse/Yellow. $2.50/ 12

Dry Fly Foil Foam: Colored: Colored dry fly foam bonded with a pearl back. Colors: Purple, Lime, Black, Brown, Olive, Rust. $2.50

Standard chernobly Ant Bodies: Imported from Montana. Scare those fish into your creel with these! Also known to endanger the health of small unspecting birds looking for an easy meal. Double layer, tapered bodies to make longer bugs, ties about size 6-8-10. Two tone: Olive/Brown, tan/yellow, Orange/Brown, Orange/Black, Double Black. $3.50 a pack of 24

Still the nicest quills around! I have found some original oak turkey like we used to see many many moons ago before we started these giant factory turkey and chicken farms. Ultra select nice colored oak. Natural oak: $5, Dyed Olive or Yellow: $6.

Still one Pair only: Mute Swan wings. Lifetime supply of swan quills. Matched pair of legal wings. $40. Buy these or I will pull and match them myself!
Great New Book Just in:

Hot Bass Flies, Patterns and Tactics from the Experts By Deke Meyer. Contains tons of new patterns from all over the US. Tyers like Scott Sanchez, Andy Burke, Dave Whitlock, James Stewart have created many exciting and new patterns. Contains: patterns and methods to fish patterns. All color and paperback book. $24.95.

Due in next week: Soft hackle wings: Matched pairs of Uk wings, red grouse skins and more of your favorite genetic CDC. Contact me for more info.

Fishing Report: Streams are warming up and but still lots of fishing. I have caught nice browns and fat rainbows at the base of several large gorge falls. Hot flies are crickets, black woolies ( think hellgrimmites), hoppers, ants and giant stimulators. Bead princes and bead red fox squirrel nymphs good. Try no kill section of Cayuta Creek and some small spring feed streams. Tricos and isonyica starting on small streams. Try bass fishing for more fun.

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