Dec-Jan Newsletter

By now the Holidays have mostly come and gone. I haven't watched much football yet but my wonderful Iowa State Cyclones choked yet one more time. Gees I am beginning to feel like a Cubs fan!

I hope that everyone got all of the new fishing goodies on their Holiday wish list. Here in Ithaca we avoided most of the ugly snow which pounded Buffalo this week. Yes we really DON'T have 8 foot of snow here. Although somewhere lost in the drifts are some of my parcels from UPS which are still not delivered.

Winter is a great time to hunker down beside the fire with nice warm glass of hot cocoa for some reading. Instead of the usual newsletter I decided to send out some book reviews of some new titles I started carrying. These books are some titles of which a few are new, some are just recent and one is actually sort of old. I happened across the world's largest supplier of outdoor books and just couldn't resist going through the catalog! Any one of these will keep you occupied for awhile.


New Books/ Recent Books and Just Plain Interesting:

Fran Betters' Fly Fishing-Fly Tying and Pattern Guide by Fran Betters. Ever wonder how the Usual fly came to be? Would you like to learn how to make the AuSable Wulff? Looking for some new streamer patterns? Then this book is for you. Written by Adirondack legend, Fran Betters, this book contains complete instructions on how to make the Haystack, Mini Muddler, AuSable Wulff and many other patterns. Contains color plates and info on selecting materials. Interesting and unique. Don't miss this one! $24.95 Paperback.

Largemouth Bass Fly Fishing: Beyond the Basics by Roxanne and Terry Wilson. This book contains methods on how to fish structure, understanding different depths and how to make the best presentations. Contains many innovative flies and suggests how to fish them. Learn how to adjust to weather and how to find the best times to fish. Price: $16.00

The Delaware River Fly Fishing Guide by George Spector. This is a nice book which shows where to fish on the Delaware. Contains descriptions of the river and its branches and describes when and where to fish. A complete set of suggested flies is shown with a reference list of guides, shops and places to stay or eat. If you plan on fishing the Delaware, be sure to get this guide. Price: $16.00

Fishing Flies on the Salmon River by George Douglas: This is a guide book and pattern book for the Salmon River in New York. The book contains a list of patterns to make which can be used for all types of fishing whether you fish for steelhead, salmon or lake browns and rainbows. Price: $24.00

From Field to Fly, The Fly Tyer's Guide to Skinning and Preserving Game by Scott Seymour. It is about time someone wrote this sort of book. Each year around hunting season I get about 10 million emails asking me how to skin a bird, deer or tan a hide. This book explains all of that stuff. If you hunt or keep game then you need this book. Contains many fly patterns to use also. The best part is the price: $10.00

Matching Mayflies by Dave Hughes. It seems that learning to match mayflies often require 3 or 4 degrees in bugology before you can begin to understand half of the latin used. Lets see is that a hextogena obnoxious? Maybe a baetis_ iamtoooldtoseethis? Dave Hughes takes and simplifies much of the jargon and puts things into terms we all can understand. He also breaks each of the stages of insects down into various patterns and shows how to tie each. There now that wasn't so hard was it? Price: $25 Paperback

Midge Magic by Don Holbrook & Ed Koch. One of the all time great PA fly fishers, Ed Koch provides new info on midges. Holbrook and Koch examine a large number of midges in various stages and create many new patterns which will lead you off in search of Coats and Clarke thread. Nice pictures and many unique ideas. Although I won't be selling C & C thread any time soon.Price: $30 hardback

Nymph fly Tying Techniques by Jim Schollmeyer. This book looks at nymphs and shows specific methods of how to tie them. Using steps broken down by the author, you can follow along and see how to make a large number of patterns. Great layout and photos, even the most seasoned of tyers can learn something here.Price: $24.00

Steelhead Fly Tying Guide by H. Kent Helvie. If you are interested in learning how to make flies for steelhead, this is the book for you. Covers things like spey flies, materials, wet flies. Contains a large number of patterns, pictures and also describes all of the hooks used to make these flies. Very good. Price: $25.00

No Hatch to Match: Aggressive Strategies for Fly Fishing Between Fly Hatches By Rich Osthoff: This is a new book published by one of my old Midwestern Pals. This is a great book and gives you loads of ideas on what to do when no bugs are out. Contains lots of Rich's fly patterns and ideas on how to catch fish in lots of tough times like high water, hot weather and many other useful ideas. Price: $16.95 Softcover


New tools and Materials:

I selected some new items for winter tying fun. Some of this is really cool. If you got a little extra shopping money from Santa these items are just in.

The new issue of Fly Fisherman has a review of tying vises. Their favorite pick of course is a hand made vise which is made only in England and has a steep price as well as a long waiting list. The Lawrence A Walden vise is at last look something like $550! I think it gets a free seat on the plane when they deliver it!

One new vise they liked was this one: The new Marryat MP ( Multi Purpose or Marc Pettijean) Vise is an all-in one vise which is designed to travel with you. The MP vise enables tiers to tie a variety of flies from the simplest to most intricate and complicated designs. The MP vise includes 3 sets of jaws for tying from size 32 to 4/0 hooks, a tube fly system, a pedestal, c-clamp, standard and rotatory set settings, bobbin rest, parachute system and a materials holder. This truly is a one of a kind, complete system. With this vise you can tie almost any pattern, anywhere you are whether you are on the go, at the office, in your den or at a show, this vise does it all. Price is $390, Postage Paid

Whiting Farm's New Midge Hackle! This is what you have been asking for! Tiny and I mean SMALL saddle hackle. These are sized 18-22 and will tie even the smallest of dries! Great colors, choose from grizzly, med dun, brown. 1/2 Pelt, Bronze grade only. Price: $45 each.

Jungle Cock Jassid Patch: These are the neck tops to jungle cock necks and are only size 16-20! Loads of nails ideal for making the Jassid which was made popular by Vince Marrinaro. Instead of wasting a nice JC neck, by a couple of these. $5.00 each Hurry these won't last long!

Grizzly Sili Legs: I added some new colors of grizzly print legs. Choose from White, Orange, Gold and Chartreuse. Use on nymphs, bugs, bass flies or saltwater flies. $1.50

Glitter Holographic Sili Legs: These are a bit different in that the glitter is very flashy, giving the print a holographic effect. Very cool! Use these to really blind or wake up those sleepy eyed fish! Owwwwwweeeee!!!!! Colors: Purple w/ green, Pumpkin w/Holo green, Brown w/ Holographic Copper, Plain watermelon, Black w/ Holo Blue. $1.50

Pearl Core Braid: This is sort of like ultra chenille, except it has a woven sleeve that is holographic! This is very cool stuff. Use like ultra chenille or use instead of making a woven body. This is one of the most interesting new items I have carried. Colors: Tan, Pearl, Chartreuse, Olive, Hot Orange, Root Beer, Hot Pink and Black. Price: $1.75

Mike's Flashback Strips: If you like to make flashbacks, this couldn't be easier. I have found the ideal material in realllllly long lengths. Tie in after you make the tail, dub body and pull over the top, wrap with wire. Each piece is over 20" long and will make dozens of flies. Use for wing cases, backs or use for a side strip on all of you long streamer flies. Great for poxy backs too! Big Bunch: Price: $2.50/pack

I add these new hooks: Really cool Black finish and EXTRA sharp! Similar to the TMC bass hooks at a much better price! As usual order, $50 worth of the new Mustad hooks ( any size or style ) and take 20% off! C525S BLN: Deer Hair Stinger, open bend, nor-tempered, micro barb, straight eye, 2XL, Black Nickel. Sizes: 1/0, 2, 4. Price: $6.50/25


Shows: On the Road Again! Coming soon to a town near you! The great extravaganza! Mike and his truck load of incredible stuff! Well it is that time of the year again. I will be starting in with the shows again after the first of the year.

Jan. 4, 5, 6 2002, The Fly Fishing University, Presents: The World Of Fly Fishing, Danbury, CT: This is a new show created by Jim Krul of English Angling Trappings. Here is a partial list of those attending: Fishy Fullum, Floyd Franke, Dave Brandt, Fran Vedoliva, Left Kreh, Leon Chandler, Poul Jorgensen, Bob Popovics. Be sure to stop out. Loads of tyers, guess speakers and some free samples of real Scotch whiskey imported from Scotland. Ouch! My head hurts from just thinking about this one!

Jan. 12, 13, 2002, The Fly Fishing Show, University of Maryland, College Park, MD. This is a great 2 day show for the Washington DC area. Stop by the University of Maryland to see the latest in tackle, materials and supplies.

Jan. 26, 27, 28, 2002: The Fly Fishing Show, Garden State Exhibit Center, Somerset, NJ. This is the largest fly fishing show in the US. Don't miss this one! Come out to see loads of tying demos and a big list of speakers! I will be giving my famous Bass Structure talk in which I show actual pictures of a drained lake and how to fish it! Awesome! Check out for more info on these shows.

Mark Your Calendar for this one! I am promoting a new program for the Catskill Fly Tyer's Guild of NY and just about everywhere. ( If you aren't a member , email me and I will get you hooked up! Dues are ONLY $10 !) We patterned this after the great NW Oregon Tyer's show and a small program from my old club, the HFFA. This spring the Guild is holding a special one day fly tying event which we are calling the Fly Tyers Rendezvous. Tyers from all over the Northeast will gather in Roscoe for a day dedicated exclusively to fly tying. Over 50 tyers demonstrating their skills. This event is free, open to the public and is a non-profit event. I hope to see some the famous, not so famous, interesting and unknown tyers come for a fun event. My pal Ed Engleman promises to bring the blow torch vise! YES! Small auction at the end of the day. April 13, 2002, Time : 10 am to 3:30 pm, Location: Rockland House Restaurant, Roscoe, New York.


As usual if you want to be deleted from this list for any reason, let me know. Hope you enjoyed this! Contact: Mike Hogue, Badger Creek Fly Tying, 1408 Hanshaw Road, Ithaca, NY 14850. 607-266-0736. Email:, Web Site: