Marc Pettijean's New Stuff + an Overivew of Somerset

By Mike Hogue


Just back from the world's largest fly fishing only show.... Somerset, NJ. Somerset ( for those that haven't gone to the show before) is one the biggest collections of stuff under one roof.

At last count I think there were about 450 different displays. At this show you get to see touch, handle and look at everything related to fly fishing under one roof. Hackle, reels, rods, lines, tippets, leaders, you name it is there. It really is a lot of fun seeing all this stuff and it is all very nice. Try as you may, it is almost impossible not to buy something. Maybe even better is the chance to see so many people and faces also. A great chance to visit with old friends, new friends and folks that I have swapped emails with over the last few months.

My partner at Somerset was Dean Childs of Ogden, Utah. Dean is owner of Wasatch Custom Angling. He was profiled in the primere issue of The Art of Angling Journal and his tools are beautiful, interesting and attractive. Dean has at last count I think 44 tools. He displays all of his tools in a solid maple wood box with a black velvet lining. The tool box itself was for sale which we reduced from $500 to $350 for the show. Each tool has a brass insert with a cocobolla wooden handle, are American Made and have lifetime warranties. Man did we sell tools. Dean was very pleased. Needless to say, Dean will be coming back.

Dean and I shared some common roots in that he attended Iowa State University and at one time worked for Bourns which had a plant in Ames, IA. Like Dean, I learned to fly fish in and around Ames and we had lots of fun talking about some of the places we fished together. It also ends up that we fished different parts of the Frazer River system near Chilliwack, BC. I hope to go again with Dean, when the salmon are on!

Another neat part of the show was watching Marc Sossin. ( I hope I have his name spelled right). Marc's pictures have been sold in many places. He specializes in very realistic pictures which are underwater views of fish either taking bugs or flies. At the show be begins to make an oil painting and over three days, the picture is completed. Very cool. You can stop and talk with Marc and he explains his work and shows you all his stuff, which is really nice. I am trying to figure out where I can hang yet another new print since I have no more space for a prints in the house. ( My excuse for not buying a picture, since Laura and I bought a beautiful print of the Covered Bridge on the Willowemoc from Jack Yelle this spring. In any case, was a very nice display. )

One of my favorite items which I had to buy was the " Terrorist Hunting Permit". This is a mock up of an actual deer hunting licence. The tag gives you an unlimited bag limit and allows for year around hunting of that very pesky el kida skinned fool. Very funny. I laughed so hard I had to buy one. I wish now I would have gotten the complete set of NJ, PA , the International and Federal permits. In any case, if anyone wants to see mine it is on display in my office with all the other hords of patches, pins and bumper strips tacked up on the walls.

I also had a chance to visit with the folks from Blue Ribbon Flies. Craig Mathews sends a group out each year from W. Yellowstone. They bring a great selection of stuff which I had a hard time avoiding. I picked up a sage grouse that has been on my shopping list for years......( no this is not a new rod from that place in Bainbridge, WA , it is a bird pelt). Not sure what it will make, but I have one now. I showed the gang my new Ausable Clod Hopper fly which is a hi bred of a hi bred fly, that I sorta ripped off from Lafontaine that stole it from an old LA fly . They loved it and promised to fish it hard this summer on the Lamar , Soda Butte and the Madison and give me some reports back next year, since I won't be heading west this summer for the FFF show.

By far the very coolest display was Marc Pettijean. Marc is a tyer from Switerzland and is largely responsible for the use of CDC. Marc brought along his entire collection of new tools and demonstrated their use and all the neat stuff you can make. Talk about leading edge, this is it! His booth was packed all weekend. I managed to sneak a few minutes to come over and watch his demonstrations.

I was very impressed. In a nutshell, Marc's tools allow you to create dubbing brushes with split thread. The idea itself I think came from Davy Wotton and you use a needle to split the thread and then use clips to insert materials. In the past folks used the really big bulldog clips to do this. Trouble is the bulldog clips don't work as well as you'd hope so Marc created a new system that is much easier to do.

Basically the "Magic Clip" works like this, one set of the clips is a desk top device in which you can lay CDC, materials or dubbing. The base unit was a slot in it and you lay material in and press it down into the base. Then you take a clip, pinch it and grab it. This acts as giant pair of tweesers to pull and hold the materials. Next you split the thread, insert and spin. Marc wraps CDC, dubbing and creates a parachute in one shot. In effect, this is a dubbing brush device and hackle folder all in one. His loop tool and his hackle pliers are interesting since they lock. The hackle pliers has a hook which allows you to take say 3 feathers, clip it and wrap it. Very slick. I also like his vise very much which has all the attachments and folds into one box.

That's about it from the show circuit. Opps, the shirts. "The Fly Fishing Show" has a new batik silk screened fishing shirt. Colored in Olive, light yellow and white, it is very cool. Yeap I bought one of the those too. Not exactlly trout camo but it's very nice.


Marc Petitjean Tools:

I have the complete collection of Marc's tools available. Not necessary to go to the any shows in NJ or call away with your Amex card to Switzerland to order. Call me! These are very unique tools featured in both current issues of Fly Fisherman and Fly Fishing+ Tying Journal. As far as I know I am one of the first to offer this set to folks any place. For addition info on these tools you can go to: or

MP vise ( Marc Petitjean vise ): This vise does it all: The MP Vise Offers You These Choices:

Pedestal or C-Clamp, True Rotatory Capability, 2 Stems included for greater selection of tying positiions, Head and Stems Rotate Independently and Lock in Any Position, Easy to use for tiny flies, Parachute and Tube Fly attachments included, Make Dubbing Brushes, Weave Nymphs

Left or Right Hand set up, Easy set up and take down, Everything packs in a neat travel case, CD-Rom & Instruction Mannual Included. Unlimited Lifetime Warranty. Great price of $390. For all my customers I will do this for free shipping ( lower 48 USA states only, I will credit your cost the USA cost of freight for all others, plus if you are out of state no sales tax! ). WOW!!!!!!!!!!!

Marc Petitjean Magic Clip Set: The Hot tool of the year. Clips, and makes dubbing brushes, great for making fur bugs and lots of interesting effects like folding hackle. Make CDC parachutes in one shot, dubbing, hackle the works. $30

MP Loop Clamps: Designed to hold material while making multiple material dubbing loops. Looks much like a spring from a clothes pin. Gee there's an idea. Very slick. $5.00 ( set of 2 , if you get the Magic Clip, I strongly encourage you to get this.)

MP Dubbing Needle: Ideal for splitting thread, front has a knife edge coupled with a needle. Extra fine point. $7.50

MP Pliers: Unique folding hackle pliers that allows you to grip, twist and hold hackle or materials. Comes with slidding spring lock. $16.00

MP Twister: Spring locking loop tool to spin materials, CDC or hackle. Use with the Magic tool set, comes with easy winding handle., $16.00

Small MP fly box. Black with plastic case/clear lid. Has slots cut in for slidding in flies into a foam base. Based on the C & F design system at a 1/3 of the price. About the size of a pack of smokes. $12.00

Genetic CDC: I got some more in! This is the stuff used to make the CDC folded hackle flies. About 2-3 times bigger than standard CDC. Extra big pack. Colors: Light dun, Dark Dun, Brown Dun, White, Light Wooduck. All natural, no dye, $3.50.

Danville 6/0 Thread: Used for thread splitting. 10 colors: Peacock Olive, Brown Olive, Dark Brown, Dark Gray, White, Red, Flo Orange, Hot Pink, Yellow, Tan, Black. $1.50



New Stuff:

Extra Select Craft Hair: The good stuff is here. Nice ends. Ideal for streamers, saltwater . Great for gotchas and also bonefish. Colors: Cream, white, tan, hot pink, chartreuse, hot orange, olive, gray, flo blue. $1.50 a pack.

Chinese Cashimer Goat: Very nice long natural hair, sort of like kid goat. Longer than kid , shorter than icelandic sheep. Colors: Purple, Black, White, Gray, Orange, Blue. $3.50

You've seen this stuff in Fly Tyer, Now it's in.....

Speckled Flashabou: Black speckles to the popular stuff. Silver, Gold, Copper, black markings give an antique look. $3.50

Speckled Web Wing: Similar to the old micro web, black marked materials. Ideal for wings, caddis, hoppers. Colors: Yellow, Dun, Tan, Brown; $3.25

Crystal Mirror Flash: Similar to Mirrage Accent which is a krystal hair that changes color in different kinds of light. Lime, Olive, Purple, Peacock Black, White. $5.00

Flourscent Neon Flash: A UV low light fiber which glows in the dark. Lime, Yellow, White, Pink Orange. Use as a rib. $4.50\

Midge Rainbow Flash: About a 1/3 of the size of Crystal Flash. use for wings, shucks or a streamer material. Purple, Lime, White, Black, Orange, Red. $3.50

Glass Rattles: 3mm or 4mm glass, use as a belly in streamers. Small size is ideal for trout, smallies or bluegill of say 8-10., $3.50

UV Polar Chenille: This is one of the coolest new things. UV fibers mixed into sparkle extra long polar chenille. Use for the new bi polar fly. Colors: Copper, Gold, Olive Copper ( my favorite for a motor oil color), silver, rusty copper, pearl. $3.00

Anodized Cone Heads: Instead of painted metal these are anodized to add color. Very nice, great for steelhead, salmon, bass or even saltwater. 3 sizes: 3/8" , 1/4" , 316" . Colors Black, Green, Purple, Red, Pink. $3.50\

Terra Tube Fly Tool: Similar to HMH design. Comes with 3 metal rods, and a holding pin vise. Insert pin into tube and then push pin into vise. Clamp fits any sort of vise and locks in where/however you use hook. $9.00

Targus 8089 Hooks: Popular bass hook at a much better price. Chemically sharpened with needle etched point. Bronze. Identical to TMC, very nice for hair bugs, new Bi Polar flies or bass bugs and mice. Size; 2,4, 6, 10 . $8.00/50

Sanchez Pony Heart Bead: Use for double bunnies. Heart shaped bead, clear or red plastic. $1.50 a pack. Available only from me.

Pearl Dyed Diamond Braid. New Hot stuff used for the new rainbow bead sucker spawn, Crazy Morris's new steelhead fly. Dyed over pearl. Olive, Orange, Purple, Root Beer, Hot Pink, Blue, Tan, Black. $1.50

Deer Mask ( AKA Deer Pizza) : Nope this is not a new flavor from the Hut. Looks more or less like a pizza. Use for caddis, compara duns and tiny flies. Short fine winging hair. $20.00



Coming soon! More New Wasatch Angling Tools!

Dean has several new tools I will add, we had a mess of these at the last show and blew out the door. Coming soon ( or as soon as Dean can reload) : Fur rake, dubbing comb, dubbing spinner and DEAN PROMISED me the only bobbin designed for Pearsall's silk production!!!!'

Just In! 44 Piece Tool Set: Think you have it all? I doubt it. All tool junkies are pikers until you get one of these.......... Solid Maple Box with a lazer etched set of mayfly stage images drawn by Jason Borger. Black velvet interior with a complete set of matching Wasatch Custom Angling Tools. American made with a lifetime warranty.WAS $500, Now $350.


Sale Stuff:

Wooly Bugger Marabou Blow Out: Olive or Black, the good stuff. Very fluffy. Make some sore lips. $1.00 a pack.

New England Streamer Blow Out: I have a ton of these flies. Very colorful, pretty and useful. Lot o flies most never heard of but will still catch fish. Mostly sized 6-8. Ideal for bass , lake trout fishing, stream trout or even crappies. Buy some for a friend or add to a picture and plant on your desk at work. My choice: $8 a dozen. YOU WONT REGRET IT!!!!!!!

Indian Necks: Great for quill bodies, horns on caddis or use for beginners or classes. Mix of brown, gingers, badgers. Unique variants. 6 for $8.00

Indian Speckled Hen Saddles: Speckled hen backs. Ideal for soft hackles , ties 8-10-12, maybe some 14's. Nice colors; 3 for $7.50

Mike's Sparkle Mixed Chenilles: Mix of lots o good stuff. 5 cards for $5.00

Arctic Fox Faces. Cool stuff. Sort of like marabou. Use instead of dinky body patches. Full face and cheeks. Coors: Dun , turquoise, white, red, black, pink. purple. $2.50, 3 for $7.00

It's back: The Golden Pheasant special. #2, No head or tail. Just the body. Makes nice spey hackle, use for all kinds of stuff. Colorful, metallic feathers with lots of interesting patterns. $3.50


More shows: One the road to Charlotte. 2/21 and 2/22 04, the Charlotte Convention Center. Go to for more info. I will be heading south to warm up. Going to see my brother and with a little luck my older partners ( my Mom and Dad) will be coming. I plan on grabbing one of those FRESH Krispy cream doughnuts and getting some real Southern Bar Be Que instead of that stuff they try to pass off up North as Bar Be que. Rod building stuff and classes plus lots of displays.

I will be at the Pittsburg TU Cabin Fever 3/6/04. I will put some info on the web site this week on this show. I just booked this one after the TU guys begged me to come. I must be nuts for going as this is a long drive. Supposed to be like 1000 people. Guest speaker is Flip Pallot. More info to come.

Fly Fair: 3/13 and 3/14, Fort Washington, PA ( AKA Philadelphia). Supposed to be a great show. I don't know the namesyet but expect to see lots of big time Pa names. Last time they had the Becks, some of the Joes, Charlie Meck and a few other folks. For more info go to




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